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How to Generate More Qualified Identity Management Leads

How to Generate More Qualified Identity Management Leads

Lead generation begins with buyer personas and the buyer’s journey. 

Let’s say you are trying to attract a CTO, a leader of compliance, and a CEO--these would be your buyer personas. Early on in their sales cycle, the personas are in the early stages of their buying process. Towards the middle, the personas are considering different options before making their way to the end--where they make a purchase decision. This process is called the buyer’s journey, the active process that someone goes through leading up to a purchase. 

When evaluating their buyer’s journey, consider:

  • What problems your buyer personas are experiencing
  • What questions your personas are asking you throughout their journey
  • The answers you can provide them with
  • The concerns each persona would have
  • The information your persona would seek during each stage of their buying journey

The better your content fills the gaps in the above categories, the easier it is for your company to be relevant to who their persona is and what they are looking for at a specific time.

Premium content is a super important ingredient in converting leads. To convince someone that visits one of your landing pages to fill out a form the content needs to be really good and perceived as valuable in the eyes of the beholder (the persona).

Premium content differs from other content such as a blog post because it is gated behind a landing page or a form.

Regarding the ingredients needed to pull this all together to convert leads, your website will need call-to-actions (CTA), landing pages, thank you pages, forms, emails, and workflows. 

Converting Leads Using Call-to-Actions

CTAs are responsible for taking someone from one part of your website (home page, services page, blog, etc.) to a specific landing page. Helping your company engage and gain information from that person. A person is essentially trading their business card information for the content asset that is on the other side of the landing page. Think of CTAs as traffic directors or concierges.

Converting Leads Using Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential to converting leads.

One of the biggest mistakes we see companies make when they do any online advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Twitter Sponsored, LinkedIn ads, etc.) is they drive all their traffic to their homepage.

Driving majority of the traffic to the homepage is a HUGE mistake because outlets like Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn dislike this approach. Because it is not a good user experience and it won’t convert at a high rate (not specific enough).

Imagine: You have a company with 5,000 employees, you are bringing everyone to your reception desk, your receptionist took the week off, and there is no one sitting there to get them to the right place. Inevitably, people will just get frustrated and leave.

It is important to have landing pages that are specific to your buyer personas and forms that are capturing the right amount of information.

Converting Leads Using Forms    

A lot of times, we see forms that are kind of wimpy. What do I mean by wimpy? They are only asking for a first name, last name, and an email--something you must settle for when you have irrelevant or no content.

If you have really good content, you can ask for more questions that can help you better qualify whether the visitor is a lead or a tire-kicker that is simply looking for free information.

Thank-You Pages

The confirmation or thank-you pages on the backside of your landing pages are extremely important not only to fulfilling what you promised on the landing page, but also to help move them along in their buyer’s journey.

Email and Workflows

Email and workflows help give a more permanent reminder to prospects. They serve as real estate in their inbox, reminding them of the value of what they registered for and the next steps to move forward.

Bottom Line

Identity management websites are typically only providing one-to-three content offers which are woefully inadequate. By the time, you get done thinking about your buyer’s journey stages and your different personas, there is no possible way that one-to-three landing pages or premium content pieces are going to cut it.

If you want to be able to generate more qualified leads, it is critical you have super-specific and super-relevant content that is both helpful and educational to support a significant amount of people hitting your landing pages. 

Is your identity management business generating qualified leads? How does your company capture lead information? Let us know in the Comments below. 

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