When you're looking to build your go-to-market strategy for attracting, engaging, and delighting fintech clients, there are several critical strategic areas to consider.

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First and foremost, who are the buyer personas that are most relevant to your platform?

  • Who are the ideal clients?
  • Who are the essential economic stakeholders that you need to be building relationships with?

These could be decision-makers.

This could be influencers, and depending on the size of the opportunities, selling to decision-by-committee is a huge deal.

So make sure that you understand who the line of business users are at different levels, their roles, job titles, and what an org chart typically maps out.

And take time to research and build out buyer and user personas for each vital stakeholder.

Second, stitch those together into an ideal client profile (ICP) representing the opportunity at the company level.

An ideal client profile typically includes two or more buyer personas. It helps you unite those together based on the kind of company, where they're located, company size, and give you more clarity.

This becomes especially important if you're using ABM or account-based marketing. 

Also super important to make sure that you have a plan for how you're going to engage with each of these kinds of stakeholders at each of the different stages of their buyer's journey:

  • awareness
  • consideration
  • decision

So, for an enterprise opportunity, you need a five-by-three grid if you think there are five different kinds of stakeholders you need to interface with, and they go through three different stages of the buyer's journey.

There are 15 boxes that you need to fill to have content offers for those five different stakeholders and the three stages of the buyer's journey that they're going to navigate through.

Also, think about the format in which you will publish this content.

Will it be blogs, podcasts, eBooks, downloadable guides, white papers, infographics, case studies?

And again, most of the time, some formats tend to be especially conducive for certain stages in the buyer's journey, and they tend to be a bigger hit with certain types of stakeholders and companies.

And all of this should be stitched together with a content calendar that includes working titles with the right kinds of topics and keywords that make sense for your buyer personas in their own words. 

Not the words that you would like them to use or that you think that they might use, but the words that they're using.

And how do you figure that out?

You go out and do the research.

I always say that when you're building buyer personas, 20% of the input can come from internal stakeholders like your SDRs, account executives, customer success people, and product managers.

But 80% of the input needs to come from external stakeholders, from your prospects and clients that line up pretty well with who that buyer persona is.

So those are some thoughts about the things you should be building for your go-to-market strategy when it comes to getting clients for your fintech company, especially if you're selling to mid-market and enterprise clients.

What are you finding most helpful? 

Most helpful for this motion within your organization?

Let me know in the comments below.

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