To attract large decision-makers, your goal should be to spark a reaction from them, known as a two-pronged emotional reaction. A two-pronged emotional reaction may sound something along the lines of:

  • “Wow! This blog, ebook, or webinar has been so helpful and was exactly what I was looking for.”
  • “What else do they have to say?”

To receive an emotional reaction like the above, you must educate and build trust at scale. You must help and teach your buyers by answering their questions and solving their problems.

The only way to attract attention in this day and age—regardless of who the decision maker is—is to achieve trusted advisor status.

Your content and outreach strategies need to circle back to your buyers—not yourself. Your content should focus on your buyer personas and their:

  • Goals
  • Plans
  • Challenges
  • Interests
  • Values
  • Pain Points

Communicating With Buyers

We need to be more specific about the definition of communication when dealing with larger clients. Effectively communicating with larger clients means knowing the:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • How

Communication should also include segmentation, goals, and personalization. In addition to these tactics, you need to understand your clients and business in other ways, such as being able to measure, their clicks and conversions, along with:

  • The type of clients and revenues the content ultimately brought
  • How people consume the content
  • What shows up in the contact timeline, sources, and analytics

Additionally, if it's video content, are there heatmaps that could be tied to each particular person's consumption of the video you have?

Additionally, if it's video content, are there heatmaps you could tie to each particular person's consumption of the video? For example, if you send them a one-hour webinar to watch, can you analyze each customer’s progress to determine if they watched three minutes of the video or sixty minutes of it?

The data holds more value if you can decipher between who is watching a clip of the webinar and who is watching the entire thing; it makes a big difference.

Delighting Clients

Survey frequently! The NPS promoter score is just the tip of the iceberg; if you can tie your surveying into your marketing and sales platform, it is hugely valuable to powering delight.

Webinars can also be a great way to delight customers and improve your communication with larger customers.

Data should be able to validate the problems you are working to improve:

  • The overall customer experience
  • The delight phase of the Inbound Methodology

So your buyers become your best promoters and brand ambassadors.  

How does your sales team attract larger decision-makers? Let us know in the Comments below.

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