Your website’s conversion rates can make or break in many aspects of your company’s overall marketing health, unit economics, and ability to invest aggressively in digital marketing and growth. 

Yet, with so much media competing for the attention of your most important buyer personas and sky-high customer expectations, it’s never been harder to move the needle on customer experience and sitewide conversion rates

Two Biggest Factors for Improving Conversion Rates With Email Marketing

Two Biggest Factors for Improving Conversion Rates With Email Marketing 

Email list segmentation and email content personalization are both extremely powerful ways to help drive conversion improvements. 

Effective segmentation and personalization start with a strong understanding of your users through buyer persona research, buyer's journey mapping, and the jobs-to-be-done framework.

Urgency and Scarcity in Your Email Copywriting Offer

Urgency and Scarcity in Your Email Copywriting Offer 

To improve email marketing conversions, you can use several ways to improve urgency and scarcity in your copywriting. 

In certain kinds of transactional, business-oriented business models, discounting can help to convert users. 

However, talented email marketers often use a variety of bonus strategies to motivate conversions in a specific timeframe.

And one other major consideration impacting email marketing success:

The Privacy-First Movement and Its Impact on Email Marketing

In the coming months, the martech (marketing technology) ecosystem and broader digital marketing industry are being reshaped by a privacy-first mindset.

First up, Apple began blocking third-party cookies through its Mail Privacy Protection for the iPhone (iOS). For context, Apple currently holds well over 50% market share in the U.S. for mobile devices.

However, that's not the end of the privacy-first, third-party cookie-blocking story

It's widely believed that Google's counterpunch or counter-defensive on privacy is right around the corner. And that's only for a lack of the backend Google Ads technology being ready that's forced Google/Alphabet to delay similar privacy-enhancing initiatives.

Already, major users of email service providers (ESPs) and marketing automation platforms have noted that open rates are no longer comparable to historical averages and very rapidly losing their effectiveness as a metric worthy of focus.


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