If there’s too much friction in the signup process for your SaaS, your conversion rates will suffer. 

What can you do proactively to help improve your SaaS signup flow?

Let’s say, for example, that your SaaS offerings are targeted mainly towards small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB segments), and your average subscription revenue/monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is less than $500/month. 

In that case, sales friction is almost certainly harming your prospect experience, customer experience (CX), and costing you revenue.

If your SaaS company sells to enterprise clients on $50,000+ deals, you may still need a virtual version of a traditional multi-step sales process.

Your Prospects Want to Subscribe to Your SaaS Differently Than Want to Sell

Your prospects no longer want to book a meeting to find out

  • What your SaaS doe
  • How you've helped other companies similar to theirs
  • What your SaaS costs


All of that information needs to be immediately available on your website, along with a signup button.

Sure, there will be some that still want to chat, book a live demo, and or perhaps even call. And yes, you should provide all options.

But your entire digital experience, your SaaS signup flow, should be architected around the idea that it's 2:00 p.m. on a Sunday, on a holiday weekend.

 I'm trying to make a decision right now, not wait until Tuesday morning. 

And the SaaS company that makes it easiest to get the obvious questions answered, signup, and get started will win the business.

When you're researching and creating your buyer personas and buyer's journey map, and learning about your ideal clients' jobs to be done, look for any opportunities to over-index empathy, ease of use, and speed to completion.

SaaS Sign Up Flow Best Practices

  • Stop building your signup flows as if your sales director is hovering over the wireframes and forcefully inserting a legacy playbook into your modern, digital-first signup process.
  • Ask representative customers to navigate your signup process while your record their steps on a Zoom session. (Gift cards go a long way!)
  • Use heat mapping software to figure out the easiest way for prospects to get their "job" done and become paying customers.
  • Experiment with social proof (case study videos) and risk reversal (trials/guarantees) on signup pages.


What have you implemented to improve your SaaS signup process?

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