If you’re thinking about starting a podcast for your B2B SaaS startup or scaleup, you’re onto one of the most effective and powerful ways to fuel your entire content marketing engine.

So given that, what should you consider when it comes to how to start a podcast on a budget for your B2B SaaS company?

    1. First, get clear about your target audience and how you can deliver value to your most important buyer personas. Founders and entrepreneurs should think of podcasting as a way to educate and build trust at scale with strangers who don't yet know that your business exists.
    2. Next, to keep your podcasting budget low, get self-aware about what skills you do vs. don't have (or don't want to have). If you already know how to do basic video editing and audio existing, you'll save quite a bit at the outset by doing your own editing.
    3. Get your brand and logo going. In terms of initial podcast setup, there are lots of ways to get your podcast logo professionally designed and intro/outro voiceover bumpers professionally recorded relatively inexpensively (~$100 each). If you're on a tight budget, there are alternatives. You can design your own logo in Canva (free) using templates. And you can ask a colleague, friend, or family member with a great speaking voice for a favor (or barter) to record two 30-second announcements for your podcast intro/outro.
    4. Sign up for podcast hosting. Libsyn and Transistor.fm have great starter options for ~$20/month or less. If you plan to record first on video (webcam), so you have a video and audio version for the podcast, YouTube video hosting is free.
    5. (Optional) Sign up for website hosting. If you want a dedicated website for your B2B SaaS podcast (a nice-to-have early on, but definitely not essential -- both Libsyn and Transistor.fm have included starter options), Podpage has options anywhere from $0 to $20/month. And you'll likely also want to buy a domain name for your podcast. Budget $10-$30/year.
    6. Fill in any hardware gaps. For equipment, the only absolute must-have is a good microphone. But on Amazon, you can find plenty of top-rated starter podcast microphones in the ~$50-$100 range. If you're recording video and audio, a basic Logitech webcam is more than adequate (budget $50-$200 if you don't already have a good HD-capable webcam). And for video recording, you should probably invest in some basic lighting for your face (Again, see Amazon for plenty of highly-rated ring lights for $50 or less.)
    7. Add podcast recording and editing software. My current podcasting tech stack includes the following:
      • Interview appointments booked on HubSpot Sales Hub Meeting (syncs with my Google Calendar).
      • Interviews recorded on Zoom.
      • Interviews edited in Camtasia.
      • Clips from interviews, with burned-in captions, from Veed.io
      • Hosted on YouTube, Transistor.fm, and Podpage website

Are you looking to start a podcast for your B2B SaaS company? If so, what’s holding you back? Let me know in the comments.

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