The best way to analyze your data center's marketing efforts is to monitor everything you are doing, and if something is not working out as planned, make minor improvements.

By making small changes, such as aesthetics or publishing more content, you can easily see what is causing the problem and correct it. When you make large changes, for example, changing your whole marketing strategy or web design, you will be back to square one.

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Creating remarkable content that educates is optimal, you do not want to come across as “salesy.” People like to learn and make informed decisions; by producing and distributing educational content to your audience, you will build your data center's reputation as a subject matter expert.

When creating content, such as blog posts, be sure to make a schedule. Commit to a few blogs per week to publish, whether that is two or three; you must keep current and keep your buyer personas engaged.

Analyze various metrics to see where your data center stands; this will allow you to make informed decisions about what needs to be changed to drive more traffic or turn those visitors into leads.

Creating Remarkable Content

To continue to generate leads for your center, you must keep your personas engaged. To keep them involved with your business, you must educate and build trust with them. As Joshua Feinberg, Vice President and Co-Founder of SP Home Run, says, “People buy from people they trust.”

Hours, days, and maybe weeks are spent producing valuable content to promote to your buyer personas to increase lead generation. Everything takes time, whether your center is creating blog posts, eBooks, reports, white papers, videos, or webinars. It does, however, pay off in the end if it is properly monitored and distributed.

President and Co-Founder of SP Home Run, Jennifer Feinberg, says that “participating in blogging, SEO, social media, and email marketing without goals and remarkable content it does not go over well. No one wants to read self-serving salesy content, and they certainly don’t want to be spammed.”  

Develop a Data Center Marketing Schedule

You must develop a blogging schedule and be committed to it. One thing that turns your potential visitors away is when they see blog posts from two years ago; people want to see current information, not outdated and irrelevant material.

How many blogs should you write? You should take into consideration what Jennifer says, “if you’re only blogging once a week, you may still be on the right track to reaching your goals, but it may take you 100 to 400 weeks or, in other words, two to eight years, and that is a lot of time.”

For you to reach your business goals promptly, you must create two or more blog posts a week. So, set a number and create a schedule for creating content that you and your team can effectively follow.

Analyzing the Data

When developing a marketing strategy, you could agree that even with all your persona research; you must test the waters to see which marketing efforts are attracting increased qualified leads. The best way to analyze your marketing data is to look at revenue and your conversion paths, whether those paths are strangers to visitors or leads to customers.

With the proper CRM software, you can see which content offers generated leads, the number of views the content offers received, and much more.

Make Improvements as You Go

As mentioned previously, do not make changes all at once. You want to be able to analyze results to see what needs improvement. The key is to make minor alterations to processes, content, aesthetics, calls-to-actions, etc., whatever needs to be changed per the data.

Does your data center closely monitor its marketing efforts to increase conversion rates and revenue? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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