Among marketing and sales professionals, widespread misconceptions about email marketing have existed for many years.

Nearly since the founding of HubSpot, for 10+ years, email marketing has been a core part of HubSpot’s inbound methodology:

  • Attract the right people.
  • Engage with those people in a way that answers their questions and addresses their concerns leading to a frictionless purchase experience.
  • Delight your new customers in a way that they get tons of value from your product and services, and as a result, become your new brand promoters.

In this article, we’ll look briefly at three HubSpot email marketing must-have’s that you should be using to accelerate your sales cycles and new customer onboarding experiences.

Segment Your Lists for Email Marketing

Today’s modern buyers have very high expectations.

Whether you like it or not, people have become spoiled (and entitled) with the insane levels of creature comforts enjoyed from streaming video, streaming audio, voice-powered personal assistants, online grocery shopping, video conferencing, and online food delivery.

While many of these paradigm shifts shart on the business to consumer (B2C) side, even companies that are 100% business to business (B2B) focused need to recognize that you’re selling to people -- the same people that expect the same kind of exceptionally accurate, instant gratification from your own company.

One of the most important ways to make sure this permeates down to your email marketing:

Segment your lists at the absolute minimum by buyer persona and lifecycle stage.

Make Email Marketing Personalization Mandatory

Ten years ago, your email marketing program would’ve been considered amazingly progressive if your applied personalization based on various segments -- including who someone is and where that person is in their buyer’s journey.

Today customers expect that you’ll apply this level of personalization to every email marketing message you send.

If you have HubSpot Marketing Hub at your disposal, you absolutely, positively need to be mandating some degree of email marketing personalization on every major campaign you build and deploy.

Deliver a World Class Customer Experience with Email Marketing Automation

Decades ago, if you wanted to buy a car, you’d need to learn what hours the car dealership was open and get over there during their hours of operation. Same for your bank, grocery store, dry cleaner, bookstore, or video rental store (remember those?).

Today, to deliver a world-class experience to your prospects and customers, your company needs to be open 24/7.

Because no matter how well you know your buyer personas, there’s an excellent chance that your core team works conventional business hours and your prospects are researching information during their evenings, weekends, holidays, or pretty much any time they’re beginning, continuing on, or completing their buyer’s journey.

As a result, if you have HubSpot Marketing Hub, be sure that your go-to-market strategy and content calendar allows time for building, deploying, and optimizing email marketing automation throughout your digital presence.

What kinds of HubSpot email marketing strategies and tools have you used to accelerate your sales cycles and customer onboarding experiences? Let me know in the comments.

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