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Improving Your Sales Process with a Stronger Content Strategy

Even before the pandemic, the way people research and make purchase decisions changed more in the past decade than it had in generations.

It's well documented that the COVID-19 lockdown brought another decade of digital transformation in a matter of months.


My family had never ordered online groceries before March 2020. Yet, one year later, we haven't set foot in a retail store, and my wife and I have become masters of purchasing literally everything -- including a new car lease and home painting, 100% digitally. And, of course, what people learn as consumers (B2C) reshapes how they evaluate B2B purchase decisions at work. We're all people.


That said, for a small, resource-constrained company that has never invested in content marketing (or digital or inbound) before, it's still a useful first step to think through how you personalize for

(a) each of your main buyer personas and

(b) the context of where each is in the research process.

However, this is really just a starting point. The strategy will almost always need to be re-evaluated, shifted, and pivoted every three to six months as later-stage sales activity validates what's working and what's not.


No one gets their buyer personas or buyer's journey mapping perfect out of the gate.


It's always a work in progress and evolving to reflect the shifting target market, customer requirements, and competitive landscape.


What are you doing to improve your sales process with a stronger content strategy? Let me know in the comments below.

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