Is your company's video marketing strategy helping or hurting your firm's growth?

Know who you're creating videos for

If you don't yet have buyer personas created for your most important segments of customers/prospects, do the research needed to build buyer personas.

Figure out what value you want to impart

Again, by investing in buyer persona research, you'll uncover not only the demographics of your most important customers/prospects. You'll also better understand their goals, challenges, struggles, and favorite ways they learn.

Start with more specific, less popular topics at the long-tail

When SEO beginners jump into a keyword research tool, there's a temptation to go after the topics where there are thousands or tens of thousands of searches per month. This would be a mistake for two reasons: First, it's wildly unrealistic for SEO beginners to have the authority to successfully rank on two-word keyword phrases with high volumes of monthly searches. Second, broad two-word keyword phrases often leave a lot of intent open to interpretation. Instead, SEO beginners should initially pursue long-tail topics (generally three to five words) with less monthly search volume (typically a few hundred searches/month) but more clarity around searcher intent.

Diversify your video distribution plans

Don't just post your videos to your YouTube channel. If your company is B2B, definitely repurpose these videos and post them on your LinkedIn profile. Also, write blog posts about your videos, embed the videos, and then share those blog posts among your following. This way, you give yourself multiple chances to dramatically improve organic distribution/findability way beyond just YouTube -- including your blog's organic search opportunity, your social media reach when you promote your recent blog posts, and your email reach when you share these new blogs posts, with video embeds, with your existing email subscribers.

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