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Mapping the Buyer’s Journey for Data Center Power and Cooling Companies

Mapping the Buyer's Journey for Data Center Power and Cooling CompaniesSufficient power and cooling are critical in a data center environment. If cooling requirements are not implemented properly, the power needed to cool a data center can potentially exceed the power used to operate the actual equipment.
Data centers must have a team to monitor the server room temperature and repair critical issues as they occur.

As a cooling or power solutions consulting firm, you must consider the stages of the buyer’s journey, building your buyer personas, and becoming a trusted advisor in the industry. 

Buyer’s Journey Mapping

The stages of the buyer’s journey guide us through the process of changing strangers to promoters. These stages include:

  1.  Awareness – In the awareness stage, a potential client is searching for answers to an unknown problem and comes across your website; this stage turns strangers into visitors of your website. The best way to grasp the attention of strangers to your website is to promote highly targeted educational content. This content can be comprised of blog posts, eBooks, whitepapers, research reports, and more.
  2. Consideration – In the consideration stage, a potential client understands the problem, but is now seeking solutions; this stage turns visitors into leads. In this case, they will download content such as podcasts, videos, guides, etc. to figure out what is the best solution to suit their problem. They may also attend online seminars or live events.
  3. Decision – In the decision stage, the lead has now decided on a resolution strategy for their problem; this stage turns the lead into a client.

In the end, your client should become a happy promoter of your services. Today, consumers are said to be 70% through the buyer’s journey by the time they make it to your front door. But, if your cooling or power solutions company creates informative content for every stage of the buyer’s journey, this will assist you in getting found early in the buyer’s journey.

Developing Buyer Personas

To spin off your sales process, the first thing you must do is conduct buyer persona research. You want to provide highly targeted content that is directed to your specific market; this is what will draw them to your business.

Joshua Feinberg, Vice President, and Co-Founder of SP Home Run, stresses the importance of buyer personas and getting found early in the buyer’s journey. It is vital that you understand the behaviors, demographics, motivations, goals, and where they tend to be the most online and off; this way you can determine where to focus most of your marketing efforts.

Feinberg says, “buyer personas give us insight into the places that they hang out online and offline, and with the right timing it is absolutely critical that they discover our company before they even know what our products or services are. We have to be able to attract them and intercept them early on and in a meaningful trusted advisor way.”

Becoming a Trusted Advisor  

The more educational or premium content you share with your ideal customers, the more knowledgeable you appear. As Feinberg says, “people buy from people they trust.”

When trying to capture qualified leads, the use of premium content is absolutely necessary. Premium content gives you the ability to exchange information with prospects using call-to-actions and forms on landing pages; giving you the opportunity, as a data center cooling and power solutions expert, to follow-up and reach out to potential clients.


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