Do manufacturers need to change faster? 

While it depends on who you ask, you don’t have to look far to find a lot of outdated manufacturing technology and old-school manufacturing marketing and sales thinking.

And It doesn’t matter if your company provides software, hardware, infrastructure, or professional services to manufacturers.

Many firms in computer-aided manufacturing, ERP (enterprise resource planning), manufacturing intelligence, material requirements planning (MRP), manufacturing execution systems (MES), production scheduling software, or quality management software (QMS) need to catch up.

The following post is excerpted from a webinar: How to Market and Sell to Manufacturers

At a recent webinar, during the Q&A session, I was asked: 

Q: Why do manufacturers need to catch up in implementing digital marketing and sales? (Most still rely on old-school, traditional methodologies)

Manufacturing executives need to catch up and pay more attention to professional development.

These traditional manufacturers are unlikely to attend conferences, watch videos, participate in webinars, or listen to podcasts. Consequently, they need to be made aware of the valuable insights shared by organizations like the US Census Bureau, Gartner, or Deloitte regarding the future of manufacturing.

These old-school manufacturers jeopardize their company's future by operating with narrow perspectives.

They carry out their operations without regular communication with customers and prospects, which hinders their understanding of the necessary changes required to stay competitive and update their go-to-market strategies.

Old-school manufacturing marketing and sales present a significant opportunity to assist prospects and clients envision and navigate the future. 

By guiding them through this process, you can greatly enhance your perceived value among manufacturing prospects, customers, and clients.

A:  Yes, the reason that manufacturers continue to lag is because they continue to rely on old-school methodologies.

They're more than likely not investing in their professional development. 

They're not attending conferences or webinars, watching videos, or listening to podcasts. 

Manufacturing executives often need to learn what the US Census Bureau, Gartner, or Deloitte -- or any of these companies -- are saying about the future of manufacturing.

They’re going around with blinders and periling their entire company's future.

By executing without talking to customers and prospects regularly, these manufacturing executives don’t understand. They don’t get it.

They don’t grasp the changes that not only they need to make in their roadmap to stay competitive.

They need a vision for the necessary changes to their go-to-market playbook. 

So there is an enormous opportunity to help your manufacturing SaaS prospects and clients see the future,

Envision the future to help guide them there. 

And it's a very straightforward and powerful way to dramatically increase your perceived value among your prospects, customers, and clients.

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 How to Market and Sell to Manufacturers (Watch the Webinar Recording)

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