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PieSync Replaced by HubSpot Operations Hub

PieSync, the information platform as a service (iPaaS) company that made it easier to move your data seamlessly between tools, has been replaced by HubSpot Operations Hub.

Acquired by HubSpot in late 2019, PieSync connected disjointed systems and enabled data sharing, constantly syncing contact data in the background; across applications in real-time. 

Since fragmented data can often interfere with a company’s ability to deliver a world-class customer experience, data fragmentation and silos need to be controlled. With the right strategy and tools, a company’s employees always have access to the most up-to-date information.

From November 2019 through April 2021, PieSync was sold separately, with HubSpot customers getting a significant discount off the purchase of PieSync Starter or Professional.

With the launch of Operations Hub, however, PieSync became part of the core HubSpot CRM platform through the data sync feature. 

At the same time, PieSync announced it would no longer allow new purchases and discontinue PieSync as a standalone iPaaS platform at the end of 2021.

The Data Sync feature in Operations Hub connects HubSpot to the rest of your tech stack.

So you can unite all of your customer data into the HubSpot CRM platform with two-way data synchronization.


Were you using PieSync? What do you think about the pivot to HubSpot Operations Hub? Let us know in the Comments below.


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