For any small business in the technology industry, your website needs to consistently attract attention from the right people, in the right places, at the right time, and most of all: in the right context.

To help improve your company’s online findability, consider these SEO tips.

  • Use buyer persona-centric keyword research -- Define who specifically that you want to attract to your website. As you create buyer personas, you’ll learn about each persona's most important goals and challenges, how each prefers to discover information relevant to their career, and what each wants most from a company like yours. Use each of these learnings to run each topic through one of the popular keyword research tools.
  • Create a content calendar with working titles and abstracts -- From your keyword research, plan a working title for a blog post. 
  • Write blog posts, optimizing each post for on-page SEO best practices -- Then set out to answer questions and provide helpful educational advice for each of these topics -- one at a time.
  • Bolster each blog post with internal links -- As you get more comfortable with blogging, branch out beyond just blog posts. Create content first in video format (primarily for YouTube), using the same basic SEO tips: provide helpful educational advice to establish thought leadership as a trusted advisor.
  • (Over time) Accrue relevant external inbound links from authoritative, hyper-relevant websites.


Using these same basic SEO best practices, over the past 10+ years, my SEO plans and investments have been very successful. When I review my traffic analytics and lead generation results, I often find blog posts that I wrote back more than a decade ago that still attract website visitors and generate valuable inbound leads.


What’s your favorite SEO tip for a tech-focused small business?

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