Because LinkedIn is the world’s most popular B2B professional social networking platform, many go-to-market teams at manufacturing SaaS startups are curious about LinkedIn’s potential.

If your company provides software, hardware, infrastructure, or professional services to manufacturers -- within, for example, computer-aided manufacturing, ERP (enterprise resource planning), manufacturing intelligence, material requirements planning (MRP), manufacturing execution systems (MES), production scheduling software, or quality management software (QMS), LinkedIn should be on your radar screen.

However, if handled poorly, your team could potentially alienate a lot of manufacturing prospects and customers -- and do a lot of brand damage with a half-baked and badly executed LinkedIn strategy.

The following post is excerpted from a webinar: How to Market and Sell to Manufacturers

At a recent webinar, during the Q&A session, I was asked: 

“As a startup with a relatively small marketing budget, I'd have to say that it's simply having a voice in the crowd, and a market full of large incumbents and dozens of new vendors, we have an incredible success rate once we sit down at the table and present our value and differentiators. Getting people to the table, though, is hard. And I can completely understand why, given that my own inbox is filled with unsolicited outreach.”

Q: Should LinkedIn be a primary outreach method for manufacturing SaaS startups?

Should you heavily rely on LinkedIn if you're part of a manufacturing SaaS startup or small business with limited marketing resources?

Attracting the right people can be challenging, especially with established competitors and numerous new vendors in the market. Prospective customers often receive unsolicited outreach, resulting in crowded inboxes.

One option to consider is utilizing LinkedIn as the primary method for reaching out to potential clients. However, finding a way to stand out from the competition is crucial.

You can explore resources such as Manufacturer Matthew, Go-to-Market Strategy Reboot Camp, and advisory services to address this. These services are tailored to leverage LinkedIn effectively and are well-suited for manufacturing technology providers.

The ultimate goal is to establish yourself and your team as trusted experts in manufacturing software and technology.

A: If you want LinkedIn as your primary demand generation method, you're in the right place. 

Manufacturer Matthew, Go-to-Market strategy Reboot Camp, and SP Home Run's advisory services are built to be extremely LinkedIn-centric --  both on LinkedIn's paid and organic side.

You’ll also need a content strategy that ultimately fuels that. 

But again, it starts with wanting to get out of the vendor box and having your most important prospects and customers see you and your team as the go-to experts in your space on manufacturing SaaS, software -- and, more broadly, manufacturing technology. 

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 How to Market and Sell to Manufacturers (Watch the Webinar Recording)

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