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Should You Educate Your Larger Clients?

People are more likely to buy products and services from those they trust. Developing a trustworthy relationship with your clients requires you to educate them. Whether they are small or large clients, education is critical.

You should especially be educating your larger clients if monthly recurring revenue is part of your SMART goals; churn is toxic. If you do not want churn, it is critical you delight your clients.

Delighting Clients

There are a variety of ways you can delight your clients; holding webinars strictly for clients is a great way to answer the most common questions.

During your client webinars, you can bring in strong subject matter experts relevant to your clients’ interests. You can also invite your knowledgeable staff members to lead the webinar. Chances are, there are subject matter experts right now on your employee roster who could provide valuable resources.

Gathering a couple of dozen attendees who are clients together on a webinar and answering questions is a great way to educate your current clients.

Other ideas for delighting clients are hosting client exclusive:

  • Events
  • Newsletters
  • Training programs, and
  • Advisory services

When creating these offers, consider your clients’ perspectives since clients care about different issues than prospects.

Ultimate Goal

Delighting clients should be a top priority and goal for businesses because it not only eliminates concerns for churn, but also ensures they become positive promoters, repeat clients, and can help us repeat the cycle with other prospects by:

  • Introducing more net new strangers to your website
  • Sharing our stuff on social media
  • Referring other similar clients

Conversely, if we drop the ball, we end up with negative promoters. We do not want negative promoters—especially today with the growing popularity of review websites.

We have to do whatever we can to make sure we are doing right by our customers, and providing them with education, so they get the most value out of our services.

How does your sales team educate your clients? Let us know in the Comments below.

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