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The 5 Email Automation Strategies Every B2B SaaS Startup Needs

Where can you apply email automation to maximize its power?

  1. Encouraging webinar registrants to bring their coworkers, boss, and other key stakeholders -- generating additional inbound leads and supporting account based marketing/ABM
  2. Accelerating early-stage inbound leads (awareness) to mid-stage (consideration) and late-stage (decision) -- accelerating sales cycles
  3. Educating and building trust over time by sharing persona- and lifecycle-stage specific content -- critical for high-ticket, long sales cycle, considered sales processes
  4. Prospecting with email sequences to book meetings -- providing value and piquing curiosity over a series of messages to generate self-booked meetings for sales teams
  5. Keeping internal stakeholders in the loop on trigger events -- allowing sales reps to respond immediately on high-value website revisits of known, owned contacts

Are you part of a B2B SaaS startup? How you currently use email automation? Let me know in the Comments box below.

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