How to Effectively Leverage The Power of Digital Marketing, PPC, and Email to Dramatically Increase Sales:

I work with B2B technology companies -- mostly startups and small companies (< 50 employees) that (a) don't have in-house marketing and (b) sell to mid-market and enterprise companies.

When they first approach me in those scenarios, most companies lack a sound go-to-market strategy for building digital, PPC, and email on top of.

Key steps:

  1. Develop digital marketing strategy -- buyer personas, buyer's journey stages, topics/keywords, and thought leadership content strategy
  2. Create thought leadership content -- interviewing internal subject matter experts for video, audio, and text content (long- and short-form)
  3. Build conversion paths -- to generate leads from thought leadership content
  4. Create email marketing/lead nurturing content -- to continuing educating and building trust with early-stage leads and accelerate sales cycles
  5. Drive traffic from paid social and paid search -- for B2B tech companies, LinkedIn Ads can be amazingly powerful
  6. Plan, post, and host webinars -- to drive more education, trust-building, and sales cycle acceleration

All too often, companies want to jump all the way to step 5 (paid social and paid search/PPC) without building the right foundation in the earlier steps.

This can be a huge mistake: like sending $100 bills through a paper shredder.

Unit economics (lifetime value, cost of acquisition, and sales cycle length, for example) directly impact what a company can afford to invest in.

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