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The Data Center of the Future in 5 Remarkable SlideShare Presentations

The Data Center of the Future in 5 Remarkable SlideShare PresentationsThe modern data center is the product of decades of evolution in information technology. We’ve gone from standard physical servers to cloud computing, advanced and intricate networking schematics, and a premium emphasis on uptime.

There were plenty of challenges during the growth process, and even today’s multifaceted and efficient data center will be obsolete as web technology evolves and Internet users become more sophisticated in their tastes and preferences.

The five SlideShare presentations listed below offer their creators’ concepts of the data center of the future.

  1. The Future of the Data Center: This presentation by Mike Shaw, Director of Solutions Marketing at HP Software, discusses the advancement of the application-defined data center, which abstracts applications from their supporting infrastructure to simplify application deployment across both physical computers and clouds.
  2. The Future of Data Center Critical Power: Compiled by GE Critical Power, this presentation acknowledges the importance of properly balancing the load on the AC grid to ensure data center uptime. The company’s proposed solution is the GP100, an innovative and energy-efficient power supply created for 19” rack applications.
  3. Cloud Computing and the Datacenter of the Future: Although originally published in 2008, this presentation effectively predicted the future value and use of cloud computing, referring to it as a “Google-like platform for applications.” Some of the contents have not materialized yet but arguably describe the data center of the future.
  4. Xen and the Future of Data Center Virtualization: This presentation presents the myriad advantages of Xen, a virtual machine monitor that enables several operating systems to share a single hardware point without sacrificing functionality or performance. Up to 100 virtual machines can be hosted simultaneously on a modern server.
  5. It's Time to Start Preparing for the Data Center Facility of the Future: The premise of this presentation is that 20th-century infrastructure will no longer suffice for the data center of the future. It recommends modernizing a data center so that both downtime and brand damage can be avoided, and challenges and user demand of the 21st century can be accommodated.

Bottom Line

Future-proofing by attempting to anticipate future needs is an important part of data center managing, planning, and expansion. New technologies and hardware with scalable capabilities are hitting the market in unprecedented numbers, making it mandatory that data center owners and operators make an active attempt to anticipate and accommodate what the world will bring.



Do you believe that these presentations accurately predict the needs of the future data center? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.



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