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The Future of Sales

As a digital strategist and sales enablement consultant for small business CEOs, I work with clients’ executive teams and sales leaders to improve sales effectiveness and velocity. 

My most effective sales technique has been adjusting my positioning to be seen as a consultant, educator, trusted advisor, and subject matter expert.

As buyer preferences have changed quite dramatically in recent years, this consultative approach has largely eliminated the need for traditional exploratory calls.

As a result, the first "sales" meeting is almost always a paid consultation, similar to the positioning of a physical exam with a new doctor -- yes, truly achieving the doctor/patient relationship --- where I'm paid to diagnose before prescribing.

Can any salesperson apply this strategy? Yes and no.

It really depends on the business model, acumen of the sales rep, and how open the company leadership is to rethinking their go-to-market strategy.

The future of sales doesn’t involve begging for 15-minute meetings without taking the time to create very tightly matched messaging and value propositions. 

When I hear that a sales rep is "blasting" out emails, that word makes my skin crawl.


The future of B2B sales:

Your sales team will look a lot more like Big 4 consultants.

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