So you’ve started a tech startup -- which at least for now, is bootstrapped. 

Given how buyers research and make purchase decisions in a self-directed way, you know that your tech startup needs to go big on your digital marketing strategy. But with very limited financial resources, you just don’t know where to start -- especially because you don’t come from a sales or marketing background.

So how can you make a splash with your SEO, blogging, and social media marketing?

In other words, what are some low- and no-budget options to get started with digital marketing?

For small business owners that want to level up their marketing (and that don't come from a marketing background), I have a few low-budget recommendations:

Take These Five Training and Certification Courses From HubSpot Academy (Free)

  1. SEO Course/Certification
  2. Digital Marketing Course/Certification
  3. Content Marketing Course/Certification
  4. Inbound Marketing Course/Certification
  5. Social Media Marketing Course/Certification

Purchase HubSpot Starter CRM Suite ($50 Per Month)

includes Marketing Hub Starter, Sales Hub Starter, Service Hub Starter, Operations Hub Starter, and CMS Hub Starter

Start a YouTube Channel So You Can Video Blog (Free)

You'll get exposed to video marketing best practices in the Social Media Marketing Course/Certification and Content Marketing Course/Certification.

Record Videos With Your Smartphone (Already Own)

For recording videos, start with your smartphone (good enough for beginners).

Design Basic Images with Canva (Free)

Open a Canva account so that you can make basic graphics for social media (free)

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