According to the U.S. Department of Labor, construction hiring has been on an upward trend almost continuously. And a recent survey by the Associated Builders and Contractors of Florida found that 88% of construction companies are increasing hiring because 45% expect their businesses to grow.


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Although many might assume that this tells a big part of the South Florida construction market story, it overlooks how much buyer preferences have changed in recent years.

As part of the South Florida Construction Market Opportunity Report, we set out to answer the question: which construction companies in South Florida are the most digitally savvy? We ended up analyzing 87 construction firms located anywhere from Jupiter down to Homestead.

In this blog post, you’ll be introduced to 18 Fort Lauderdale construction companies exerting some industry leadership in South Florida.

  1. Bergeron Land Development -- Under the leadership of Ronald Bergeron, the Bergeron family of companies was established in 1965 and now includes Bergeron Land Development, and Bergeron Emergency Services, as well as interests in real estate and self-storage.
  2. Central Broward Construction -- Justin Lord and Central Broward Construction are active in a variety of residential and multifamily, commercial and industrial, government and schools, and healthcare-related projects.
  3. D. Stephenson Construction --  Under the direction of Dwight Stephenson, D. Stephenson Construction was founded in 1992 and provides construction management, design-build services, and general contracting to public and private sector clients.
  4. Florida Coastal Construction -- Led by Matthew Harris, Florida Coastal Construction & Development is a team of architects, craftsmen, and contractors that provides construction and design counsel.
  5. Glenewinkel Construction --  Under the leadership of Gary Glenewinkel and Kathryn Glenewinkel, Glenewinkel Construction Company provides general contracting and construction management for public and private clients
  6. GSD Contracting -- Led by Greg DeJohn, GSD Contracting has over 34 years of experience in the construction business, and works with local and national clientele, including in the highly competitive private sector.
  7. Gulf Building -- Under the leadership of John Scherer, since 1991, Gulf Building has been providing both commercial and residential construction services through its Gulf Commercial and Gulf Homes divisions.
  8. Herman Construction Services -- Tom Herman and his team at Herman Construction Services, since 1977, have been active in construction projects in the athletic, educational, entertainment, religious, and retail markets.
  9. Hernandez Construction -- Established in 2002, Alex Hernandez and Hernandez Construction is active in the commercial and industrial construction space, including from state-of-the-art aviation facilities to complex industrial parks.
  10. Hillman Engineering -- Led by Henry Hillman, since 1984, Hillman Engineering’s menu of services includes construction management, project management, concrete restoration, 40-year inspections, and storm damage assessment -- with specialization in restoration projects for homeowner associations and condominium management companies.
  11. Marker Construction Group -- Under the leadership of W. Grey Marker, Marker Construction Group provides construction management, with an emphasis on construction projects of architectural significance, as well as complex building means and methods.
  12. MGM General Contracting -- Led by Malcolm MacInnes, MGM General Contracting is a commercial general contractor and construction management firm that works in both the private and public sectors, including the education market.
  13. Miller Construction -- Under the leadership of Thomas Miller, Miller Construction has been delivering construction and design/build services for more than three decades for clients in the commercial, industrial, health care, institutional, and education sectors.
  14. Moss & Associates --  As one of the largest construction companies in South Florida, Moss & Associates is led by Scott Moss and focuses on construction management at-risk, design-build, and public-private partnerships in a wide range of sectors, including residential, mixed-use, hospitality, education, justice, and solar energy.
  15. Oak Construction -- Led by Charles Medrano, Oak Construction provides pre-construction, value engineering, constructability review, scheduling, and construction management, focusing on retail and office construction projects.
  16. Paskoski Construction --  Founded in 1980 by Steven Paskoski, Paskoski Construction provides residential and commercial contracting, including custom home building, home remodeling, interior completion projects, and restaurants, offices, retail, and banking facilities.
  17. South Florida Construction Associates (SFC Associates) -- Since 1997, Dennis Wilcox and South Florida Construction Associates have been providing general contracting services, with a focus on interior build-outs, commercial interiors, general construction, and project management.
  18. Titus Construction Group -- Led by Nathan Pardue, Titus Construction Group is a framing, drywall, and acoustical ceiling contractor that specializes in high-rise multifamily, stadium, healthcare, and large tenant improvement projects.

So while this isn’t a comprehensive list of every construction company in Fort Lauderdale, it represents the 18 construction firms analyzed in the South Florida Construction Market Opportunity Report.

Be sure to let us know in the Comments section below if we missed any construction companies in Fort Lauderdale that should’ve been included in this blog post.

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