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Are You Driving All of Your Website Visitors to a Contact Us Page?

Are you driving all of your website visitors to a contact us page? You could almost put air quotes around “driving.” When we see this, it’s not because the company has made a conscious effort to drop the ball. It’s because they simply did not know what to do to achieve their goals.

How You Get More Meetings with the Right Decision Makers

How can your business get more meetings with those who have buying power?

First things first, to you do this the right way:

  • You should not be asking for meetings
  • You should not be begging for meetings
  • You should not be spamming for meetings  

Why Your Search, Social, and PPC Failed Miserably

What happens if you start doing SEO, social media, or Google AdWords advertising, but you have no content? Or context?

Usually very little. Here’s why.

Tips for Communicating with B2B Decision Makers

When speaking about decision makers, we consider those individuals incorporated in the C-suite or a position of authority. When conducting a B2B business model, it is important to reach out to people who have the prime authority to make business and purchasing decisions.

Ultimately, this makes the sales process less hectic, and your questions –especially those that are sensitive– answered more effectively.

2 Biggest Challenges Marketing Teams Face

Marketers face a variety of challenges when trying to reach out to new leads or analyze updated marketing data that impacts their firm; especially when marketers have to report to their fellow team members.

Even though teams generally share common goals and values, it can be difficult at times to focus on the real problem at hand. Are you interested in seeing what marketing challenges appeared to be most troublesome for marketing teams?

What ROI Means for Your Marketing Strategy

Throughout the years, the State of Inbound Report found proving the ROI of marketing activities is a continuous challenge for sales and marketing departments. The report also noticed “measuring and proving ROI impacts the success of a marketing organization and their future budget.”

As of 2016, the challenge of incorporating ROI within a marketing strategy has declined. This reduction in rank means more sales and marketing professionals are not struggling as much as they use to with ROI.

Using CRM Software to Store Leads and Client Data

Many tools help organize, share, and manage day-to-day operations of businesses, especially marketing and sales efforts. Wouldn’t your work day go much smoother with a properly integrated CRM software in place? Perhaps one that offers the ability to store your leads, customer data, and much more? I am assuming, yes.

Well, the first question is what is CRM software? Then, we will talk about some challenges other business leaders face with their current CRM. Additionally, we will provide you with analytical insights of which systems are most widely used to store leads and customer data.

What Is Sales Enablement?

The definition of sales enablement and who’s responsible for it varies by organization. Every professional or organizational department may look at the concept of enablement in a slightly different way.

Every person whether they hold sales, human resources, or marketing positions may perceive sales enablement to be slightly different.

Why Paid Advertising is an Overrated Sales Tactic

Whether you sell B2C or B2B, paid advertising also known as outbound marketing is often overlooked by your audience. Those in your market normally are annoyed by unnecessary ads, emails, and often do not take the time to look at your boosted posts.

Statistics from the 2016 State of Inbound Report compared the opinions of the C-Level Executive, Vice President, Director, Manager, and the Individual Contributor. Out of all five percentages in regards to these types of professionals, paid advertising, which includes print ads and outdoor sales, ranked highest as the poorest sales tactic used today.

How to Effectively Reach Your Target Audience

Every year as technology continues to advance, marketing and business professionals are coming up with new and improved methods to reach their target audiences and get their content into the hands of the public.

When publishing content, it is vital that you keep your buyer personas in mind. Sam Kusinitz with HubSpot defines a buyer persona as, “a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.” Having a comprehensive buyer persona is extremely critical for business success and brings your marketing campaigns to life.