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What Data Centers Should Share on Social Media

All too often, data centers share content on social media that is in line with the Decision Stage of the buyer’s journey. This content supports prospects in the final stage of their buyer’s journey, already 70% or more through their sales process.

While content should be shared for buyers who are in the final stages of their sales cycles, neglecting content development for other stages of the buyer’s journey makes businesses completely invisible to the vast majority of buyers— buyers in the Awareness and Consideration Stages of their buyer’s journey.

Tips for Branding Your Data Center After Acquisition

Are you a post merger and acquisition (M&A) data center?

What should your data center be doing to brand the new company?

Branding a new company involves two highly critical tactics:

  • SMART goals
  • Buyer personas

What is a Cloud Service Provider?

A cloud service provider is a company that provides cloud-based services to clients, primarily through an on-demand system. They are becoming increasingly popular due to the perceived advantages they offer regarding cost, accessibility, and scalability.

Depending on its particular business model, a cloud provider may offer a wide spectrum of solutions, such as:

How Data Centers Improve Website Conversion

To improve your website conversion, you must have premium content, call-to-actions (CTAs), landing pages, and thank you pages. Your content has to attract prospects in all stages of the buyer’s journey, whether they are in the Awareness, Consideration, or Decision Stage.

In a recent Q&A webinar, we addressed concerns of Data Center CEO’s, Sales Directors, and CMOs relating to sales acceleration, discussing this topic in depth. Interested in watching the webinar recording? If so, access it here: Data Center Sales Funnel Acceleration Q&A Webinar.”

Comparing Cloud Service Providers vs. Managed Service Providers

The terms “cloud computing” and “managed services” are familiar to most people who turn even a casual ear toward information technology trends, but not everyone understands the difference between them. At least not until the time comes when they need hosting services and have to investigate the features and benefits of each option. This article will help you understand the main differences between these services, so you can decide which is best for your business.

How Data Centers Grow Revenue Despite Limited Staff

Despite having limited staff at your data center, you can still grow revenue. It does, however, depend on what you believe is a limited staff.

You must have product/market fit, and it can be extremely painful and difficult at times to achieve product/market fit. To support product /market fit, you need the following for each stage of your buyer’s journey:

  • SMART goals
  • Buyer personas
  • Keyword research
  • Conversion paths (calls-to-actions, landing pages, and thank you pages)

Who are the Best Cloud Service Providers in Florida?

In Florida, a growing number of people and companies are dependent on cloud service providers to protect their personal and operational data from threats like natural disasters, hardware failure, and cyber-thieves.

After carefully reviewing several companies throughout the state, it appears that these cloud service providers listed below specialize in offering the data protection and peace of mind that private and commercial consumers seek.

How Data Centers Compete in Local Markets

What can your data center do to compete in a mid-tier city?

For starters, you would need to conduct competitive analysis and identify your core market. Once you obtain a deep understanding of who it is you are trying to attract, you will need to provide customized content for each of your buyer personas.  

The Data Center of the Future in 5 Remarkable SlideShare Presentations

The modern data center is the product of decades of evolution in information technology. We’ve gone from standard physical servers to cloud computing, advanced and intricate networking schematics, and a premium emphasis on uptime.

There were plenty of challenges during the growth process, and even today’s multifaceted and efficient data center will be obsolete as web technology evolves and Internet users become more sophisticated in their tastes and preferences.

How Data Centers Can Get More Executive Support

Data centers should lead with data to gain more executive support. Show how your company compares with various competitors, including:

  • Direct competitors
  • Indirect competitors
  • Non-business model competitors

Remember, once you start going on social media and search engines, there are many companies, organizations, trade publications, conferences, and channel programs writing on topics awfully similar to the topics you want to use to catch your buyers’ attention.