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What Do Martha Stewart and HubSpot Have in Common?

When most think of Martha Stewart, they likely think of her iconic status as a TV personality educating tens of millions of Americans on all things having to do with home decorating and cooking. But in playing word association, in what scenario would you pair up Martha Stewart with HubSpot, the Cambridge-Massachusetts-based late stage SaaS startup changing how the world markets goods and services?

Malcolm Gladwell Shares Tips for Underdogs at HubSpot INBOUND Conference

While many know Malcolm Gladwell from his groundbreaking New York Times bestsellers, attendees at the HubSpot INBOUND conference got to see Gladwell live and up close during its day two morning keynote.

What Did Dharmesh Shah Focus On During His INBOUND 2014 Keynote?

Delivering a keynote speech in front of 10,000 conference attendees is intimidating enough. But what if you knew that this same audience was also hearing from the likes of Martha Stewart, Simon Sinek, Malcolm Gladwell, and Guy Kawasaki?

Brian Halligan Shares 7 Remarkable Nuggets in INBOUND 2014 Keynote

The first time I heard HubSpot co-founder and CEO Brian Halligan present a webinar was on June 8, 2010. It was his Summer 2010 Show and Tell moderated by former HubSpot evangelist Kirsten Knipp.

What Simon Sinek Taught HubSpot INBOUND Conference Attendees About Teams and Leaders

On Day one of the HubSpot INBOUND 14 conference in Boston, Simon Sinek delivered the morning keynote themed around why “Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Come Together And Others Don’t.”

Why Guy Kawasaki Opened INBOUND 2014

Many know Guy Kawasaki as the author of a dozen or so business books – including some bestsellers – such as APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur—How to Publish a Book, What the Plus! Google+ for the rest of us, and Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions.

HubSpot’s INBOUND Conference: 14 Tips for Attending

As this was my second time attending the HubSpot INBOUND conference (INBOUND13 and INBOUND14), the conference is now much larger and in a different location, I wanted to share a few tips I learned to help those planning to attend future INBOUND conferences:

HubSpot Basic Pricing and How to Get Instantly Disqualified

Twice in the past few months, I’ve had marginal prospects question how SP Home Run presents HubSpot Basic pricing. Actually, question is probably too gentle of a word…more like accuse.

Most recently, I received this terse one line email from an IT solopreneur who had purchased the Computer Consulting Kit Home Study Course back in 2009 on a payment plan and had some snarky history in our CRM system:

Behind the Scenes: SP Home Run Monthly HubSpot Recap for January 2014

If your IT company has never really had much success with website traffic generation, lead generation, client acquisition and ROI, you may have no idea what's even possible with inbound marketing done right.  

4 Tips for Great IT User Group Meetings

After my partner took on the task of setting up a local user group for HubSpot here in Boca Raton, I was faced with the challenge of hosting the meeting. And while Joshua has had many years of experience with Microsoft user groups, that was a few years before I joined him.