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How B2B Sales Teams Keep Up with Changes in Buyer Behavior

Was TOFU/MOFU/BOFU model ever relevant in a business-to-business environment?

Improving Your Sales Process with a Stronger Content Strategy

Even before the pandemic, the way people research and make purchase decisions changed more in the past decade than it had in generations.

Balancing B2B Online Marketing vs. Offline Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World

Should companies keep up with physical and offline marketing? In what ways?

B2B Inbound Sales for High Ticket Purchases

Do you think online presence will continue increasing in importance even after the pandemic?

Which Mediums Are Most Effective for Connecting with a Buyer?

Finding the right social media platform should not be based on a CEO’s opinion -- or any opinion for that matter. Finding the right medium entails researching to determine where your buyers are or whomever you are trying to attract. It’s about figuring out where potential clients, channel partners, students, donors, or whomever the stakeholders you are trying to attract are.

How Many Times Should Sales Attempt to Connect With a Buyer?

There is a lot of data on the optimal number of times to connect with a buyer, but the answer is not clear-cut. The number of times you decide to connect with a buyer depends on what you are looking to do, which could be to optimize for a certain buyer persona in the relative economic value of your company.

How Do Legacy Sales People Differ From Inbound Sales People?

When people think of the differences between legacy sales people and inbound sales people, many times, people generalize based on the age of the person.

They will think something along the lines of, “This person has been in sales for thirty years. They must be old school, and their playbook must not have been updated in decades.” However, there are plenty of people who are boomers and understand inbound sales and inbound marketing. There are also plenty of millennials that get up in the morning, make sixty cold calls, and hope one person will not hang up and actually talk with them. 

Inbound Marketing vs. Inbound Sales

A business is not done once it generates a client or revenue source.

We live in a world where what you say about your brand is no longer what your brand is. Google coined this instance the ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth).

Why Trusted Advisors Win Sales More Often


In the final phase of the Inbound Sales Methodology--the Advise Stage--you want to make sure you have a way to advise your opportunities, so it is not perceived as a pitch.

Trusted advisors must have a very different way of advising. Trusted advisors: 

Why the Modern Buyer Demands Customization

If you want to think of some parallels between Spotify, Netflix, and Sirius Radio versus where most of the SMBs are, the one thing they all have in common is their recurring revenue business models.

The super important aspect of a recurring revenue business model is making sure when a prospect jumps over from an opportunity to a new client; you continue delighting the heck out of them.