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6 Ways Mid-Market IT Companies Use Social Media to Drive More Leads and Revenue

When you look at mid-market IT companies, most companies fall into one of two camps with their approach to social media. They either:

  1. Update their Twitter feed or LinkedIn company page once every 18-24 months (because these companies are living in the past and unwilling to acknowledge the present and future)
  2. Post glorified news releases and spammy, self-serving sales promotions on theirfeeds—and wonder why nobody cares

However, neither approach achieves what

Why Guy Kawasaki Opened INBOUND 2014

Many know Guy Kawasaki as the author of a dozen or so business books – including some bestsellers – such as APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur—How to Publish a Book, What the Plus! Google+ for the rest of us, and Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions.

How Cloud Services Providers (CSPs) Can Build a v1.0 Partner Program

Do you use any kind of co-marketing campaigns to grow your cloud services provider business?

How Channel Marketing Managers Can Use SlideShare to Generate Leads

Channel marketing managers are usually tasked with two different lead generation challenges:

2 Reasons Your Cloud Services Website Isn’t Getting Found on Google

While Google never has and probably never will publicly disclose all of the rules for getting a website to organically rank for important search terms, Google does publish Webmaster Guidelines which explain best practices for getting Google to find, crawl, and index your website. There’s certainly a lot to know. But at a more basic, fundamental level, there are two big reasons why cloud services websites are often not getting found organically on Google.

Top 8 Product Camp South Florida Lessons Learned for Channel Managers

On small teams, channel marketers often need to wear many different hats. As an inbound marketer that works with B2B tech companies, I often find myself in the role of virtual CMO for companies without significant marketing resources in-house.

How Channel Marketing Managers Can Create Engaging Website Content

Most channel marketing managers have a bear of a time creating engaging website content that their channel partners actually want to read.

12 MSP Partnering Strategies That You Can Do for Next to Nothing!

For many managed service providers (MSPs), this time of year is what one of my colleagues Richard Tubb affectionately refers to as “IT Conference silly season.” If you’re in a leadership role at an MSP and go to IT conferences to stay on top of platform changes and network with peers, you’re likely already sold on the value of partnering, at least to some degree.

Invest in Relationship Building

As valuable as certain IT conferences can be, only a relatively small percentage of MSPs have the resources to attend several out of town live events like this each year. This is part of the reason why so many programs and organizations try to tackle this fragmentation with road shows, kind of like your favorite band going on tour.

The good news, however, is that there are a number of very powerful grassroots MSP partnering strategies that you can do for next to nothing, even if you’re a sole proprietor.

With this right mindset, an entire smorgasbord of partnering opportunities opens up to those managed service providers that (a) don’t think the entire world is out to get them (there are some, but it’s certainly not the majority), and (b) genuinely want to build mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded businesses.

Think of it like building your own IT channel partner program, which interestingly enough, can be started with even a rather modest marketing budget. (Shhh…don’t tell IT channel managers!)

A question like this popped up on LinkedIn a while back wondering, “What are the different ways in which managed services providers (MSPs) can partner?” Since my answer was selected as “Best Answer,” I thought our blog readers could benefit from this same advice.

For partnerships with other MSPs to be effective and productive for the duration, it’s critical that the sum of each party’s strengths is much greater than what each could accomplish separately.

Top 15 Managed Services Business Transformation ChannelCon Takeaways

If you traveled to this year’s ChannelCon event to learn where managed services are headed, you were definitely in the right place. Day 3 of the conference featured an excellent, eye-opening panel discussion on Business Transformation in Managed Services.

The basic premise of the session was that as managed services approaches maturity, it’s a great time to reflect on the state of awareness and how solution providers have transformed their business models to be managed services providers (MSPs).

IT Channel Inbound Marketers Heading to HubSpot’s #Inbound13 in Boston

Thousands are planning to attend the HubSpot Inbound conference in Boston at the Hynes Convention Center. If you’re keeping close tabs on specific industries that love inbound marketing, a growing number of companies from the IT channel are heading to the Inbound 2013 conference. The list below really isn’t anywhere near comprehensive, but just represents the speakers and attendees I’ve come across that are in some way in or around the IT channel:

  1. John Hornell from Brightfire (Glasgow, UK) - @JohnHornell - inbound B2B technology marketing company

  2. Johnny Mone from Brightfire (Glasgow, UK)  - @johnnymone -  inbound B2B technology marketing company

  3. Eric Dosal from BrightGauge Software (Miami, FL) - @EricDosal - business analytics software for MSPs

  4. Julio Rojas from HP Software (San Francisco, CA) - enterprise software: IT performance management, IT management software and information management software, as well as consulting, software as a service, cloud computing solutions, education, and support services

  5. Bob Dearsley from ITPR (Surrey, UK) - @dearbob -  an international B2B technology PR consultancy from

  6. Quinn Devery from Paranet Solutions (Dallas, TX) - @Paranet - a managed IT services and IT outsourcing provider

  7. Liz McClellan from PGi (Atlanta, GA) - @lizmcclellan - collaboration platform for video, web, and audio conferencing

  8. Julie Montgomery from Plexent (Dallas, TX) - @julesmontgo - IT management company specializing in training, consulting, and measurement

  9. Joshua Feinberg from SP Home Run (Boca Raton, FL) - @joshua_feinberg - IT channel inbound marketing agency

  10. Michael Freeman from ShoreTel (San Luis Obispo, CA)  - @spanishgringo - hosted VoIP phone systems

  11. Jeanne Hopkins from SmartBear Software (Beverly, MA) - @jeannehopkins - software company which provides tools for software developers, quality assurance engineers, and IT professionals

  12. Prashant Kaw from SmartBear Software (Beverly, MA) - @prashantkaw - software company which provides tools for software developers, quality assurance engineers, and IT professionals

  13. Keith Lincoln from SmartBear Software  (Beverly, MA) - @kclincoln - software company which provides tools for software developers, quality assurance engineers, and IT professionals

  14. Frank Gruber from Tech Cocktail (Washington, DC) - @FrankGruber - media company focused on tech startup events, news, and entrepreneurial resources

  15. Katie Rae from TechStars Boston (Boston, MA)  - @ktrae - startup accelerator for web and software companies

Got Someone to Add to this List?

If you or your company has any relation to the IT channel -- such as being an IT consultancy, managed services provider, or ISV, and you’re not on this list, please add your specifics below in the Comments section, so that I can update this list.

Have We Met?

And if you are on the list and we haven’t yet met, please reach out to me @Joshua_Feinberg so that we can get a chance to meet. 

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