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Understanding Colocation and Data Center Buying Trends

Understanding Colocation and Data Center Buying TrendsAs the term suggests, buying trends are ever-changing commodities.

To understand buying trends, you must first acknowledge the market has changed.

Advancements in technology have shifted the market indefinitely. Where buyers once relied on businesses to distribute information, they now have access to an endless supply of information—the internet—, and they can retrieve this information on their own time, on their terms, without committing to purchasing.

“Buyers are doing extensive amounts of research on search engines and social media before they are ready to talk to you,” says Joshua Feinberg, VP and Co-Founder of SP Home Run, “70% or more of the buyer’s journey is already done before you’re even aware an opportunity exists and over the next couple of years we anticipate it’s going to be closer to 80-90%.”

Undeniably, the shift in the market left the buyer in charge of their own buyer’s journey, not the manufacturer.

To resolve this conflict, it is important to observe and follow trends within the colocation and data center market to remain on your prospect’s radar.

To stay up to date with the latest industry news and trends, check out the following resources. 


  • AFCOM: The Association for Computer Operations Management (AFCOM) provides an exclusive community for data center and IT infrastructure professionals to meet other professionals, exchange resources, and organize in-person events. AFCOM offers members weekly and monthly newsletters, informative webinars hosted by industry experts, and access to industry trends and reports.
  • Data Center Knowledge: Data Center Knowledge distributes daily publications addressing the latest news and trends regarding the data center industry. From power and cooling technology to managed services and cloud, Data Center Knowledge covers a variety of topics entailing data centers.


  • Data Center World: Data Center World congregates data center professionals to discuss the challenges they face in the data center and IT infrastructure industry. At Data Center World, attendees can expect unbiased information aimed to help solve their everyday problems. Visitors can expect to hear about the latest data center technology as well network with other respected specialists.
  • HostingCon: HostingCon gathers professionals from across the country to discuss the latest technology, news, and innovations regarding the data center industry. HostingCon prohibits self-promotion, guaranteeing attendees an unbiased environment to network and exchange expertise.
  • Data Center Dynamics: Data Center Dynamics doubles as both a conference and online resource. Data Center Dynamics hosts conferences around the world for professionals to converse and learn more about the latest data center trends. Data Center Dynamics also publishes content utilized by professionals across several different industries.

Social Media

Platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter allow data center professionals to network with other professionals without the hassle of traveling. Joining groups on social media for colocation data centers can be beneficial because they provide an exclusive platform where other like-minded individuals can communicate—an environment outsiders cannot breach.

The following LinkedIn groups are great networks to consider joining based on your data center needs:

Accounts to follow from the Twitter world are as follows:


How does your business keep up to date with the latest data center news and buying trends? Let us know in the Comments section below.


To learn more about monitoring colocation and data center buying trends, check out our webinar “Attracting Data Center Clients Step by Step.”


Watch: "Attracting Data Center Clients: Step by Step" (Webinar Recording)

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