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What Should Your Sales Team Focus On?

What Should Your Sales Team Focus On?Your sales team is looking to convert more leads into clients.

Obviously, nothing will replace the sales professional and consultative value of helping your opportunities make the best decision. However, what are some of the things we can do to accelerate the buyer’s journey and their buying process?

Closing larger new clients requires your sales team to focus on segmentation and personalization. You cannot personalize if you do not segment.

Segmentation and Personalization

When you go shopping on Amazon, the website keeps track of everything you have purchased and everything you have viewed in the past. Amazon combines your browser and purchase history to form recommendations for its customers. By using the above tactics, Amazon is personalizing your experience; a standard many people use to judge a website against.    

Buyer personas and the buyer’s journey are absolutely critical. Stop treating everyone as if they are the same because they are not.

Think about segmenting.  Two huge mistakes most businesses make are:

  1. Acting like every lead is the same
  2. Not having the proper conversion paths in place

If your website does either of the following:

  • Uses your “Contact Us” page at its primary call-to-action
  • Doesn’t have landing pages
  • Doesn’t gate its premium content (not sitting behind landing pages),

Your prospects have no place where they can raise their hand and become a lead. The above are needed for website visitors to convert and become leads.

Measuring Sales Cycles

Most businesses are acting as if every lead coming to their website is sales-ready, prepared to buy the first moment they land on the website; this is false.

We all are aware there are sales cycles, and it is extremely rare these sales cycles are measured and completed in days. Normal sales cycles are measured in weeks or months—sometimes even several months or over a year—so it is important to measure the sales cycle.

Bottom Line

The sales cycle is greatly accelerated when factoring in where the buyer is in their journey. We cannot treat people as if they are ready to buy the moment they contact us.

We need to be able to educate and build trust at scale. We need to listen to the problems of our buyer personas and address their problems with content and context instead of addressing our own selfish problems and what we are trying to solve.   


Is your sales team segmenting their leads? How has it helped your team? Let us know in the Comments below.

If you are interested in learning more about segmenting and personalizing your prospect’s experience, watch our webinar recording on "How to Use LinkedIn Social Selling to Attract Great Clients and Grow Revenue."

 Watch "How to Use LinkedIn Social Selling to Attract Great Clients and Grow Revenue" (Webinar Recording)

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