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Which CEOs Lead the Largest IoT Companies? (Publicly Traded)

The Internet of Things (IoT) might still be a developing technology, but the industry is booming with some of the largest IoT companies being familiar names on Walls Street.Which CEOs Lead the Largest IoT Companies? (Publicly Traded) As the IoT sector grows rapidly, International Data Corp. (IDC) predicts that it will be worth $1.29 trillion by the year 2020.

So, it makes a lot of sense that some of the largest multinationals have incorporated IoT into their business model.



But, who are the CEOs that lead the largest IoT companies? Keep reading and find out more.


1. Amazon Web Services(AWS)

Amazon is expected to play a major role in IoT as AWS is the largest cloud provider in the world. The cloud is a natural place to store an enormous amount of data, so AWS launched their IoT platform in 2015.

Further, they have been continuously offering powerful services that can help to derive valuable insights from all the data.

The company’s CEO, Andy Jassy believes that AWS will become a $100 billion business pretty soon. With powerful offerings like Kinesis, DynamoDB, and S3, AWS will play an important role in IoT.

Andy Jassy is a graduate of the prestigious Harvard Business School and has been leading the company for two decades. You can follow him on Twitter @ajassy.

2. AT&T

Telecom giant AT&T got into IoT relying on their extensive broadband network to work as a key enabler. Having launched their cloud-based data storage service, M2X and the development portal, Data Flow for IoT, the future looks bright.

The company’s CEO, Randall L. Stephenson has been at the helm for almost a decade and is also the 36th National President of the Boy Scouts of America. With the emergence of connected cars, he hopes the company can adopt 10 million connected vehicles on their network this year.

3. Google

It’s no surprise to find Google on this list (when they paid $3.2 billion for the smart thermostat maker Nest) as they are aiming to expand and lead the smart home ecosystem.

Their unique position to serve the needs of IoT is a combination of their massive public cloud and fiber-optic back-end network. Google’s current CEO is Sundar Pichai (who has been leading the company since October 2015) expects great things for IoT and Google in the near future. You can follow Sundar Pichai on Twitter @sundarpichai.


While other CEOs on this list are looking to help, their companies make an impact on commercial and industrial IoT operations, the CEO of, Marc Benioff sees IoT as a great new opportunity for marketers.

With this technology, marketers can now gain deeper insights into their customers and prospects. With connected devices, marketers now have an opportunity to learn how products are being used and what influences buying behavior.

Thunder, the real-time processing engine that powers the company’s new IoT Cloud isn’t just about connected machines and devices, it’s also about marketing. You can follow Marc Benioff on Twitter @Benioff.

The Bottom Line

These are four CEOs leading some of the largest IoT companies, but the list doesn’t stop here as it keeps growing each day rapidly. So, you can bet that you’ll hear about more companies and their CEOs in the months to come.



What other CEOs from the largest IoT companies would you add to this list? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.



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