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Which Colocation Facilities Websites Have the Best Lead Generation Offers?

Although most colocation facility executives are aware of the importance of having a highly responsive website, there are still several sites out there that fail to convert visitors into qualified leads.Which Colocation Facility Websites Have the Best Lead Generation Offers?  As a website is a valuable 24/7 marketing and sales asset, it’s imperative to set it up in a manner that enables efficient conversions of visitors into marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

In most cases, effective lead generation is one of the only ways for a data center to grow its revenue. I mean, if it was in the real world, would you let a potential client visit your facility and leave without continuing the dialog in some way?

In fact, unlike most other sales scenarios, contracting for colocation services will be an information-rich process. So, it makes perfect sense why it’s important to convert website visitors into MQLs.

So, what’s the best way to go about it? Let’s take a look.



How Do Colocation Centers Generate Leads?

There are many ways a colocation facility can generate leads with their website. One way is to create premium content offers with conversion paths. But to do this properly, you’ll need to develop a proper buyer persona.

This, in turn, will translate into smart keyword research with landing pages that offer premium content. By doing this, you can generate leads by providing them with the right content that speaks to each buyer persona.

At the same time, the premium content and calls to action should be within the context of the buyer’s journey. This means that the content must fit into where the visitor is in the buyer’s journey like the awareness stage, the consideration stage, and the decision-making stage.

Once you get this part right, you will have to incorporate a decision-making stage along with the awareness stage offer. For example, it will be a lot easier for your call to action to focus on downloading a whitepaper than scheduling a call with a sales rep.

Only a fraction of your visitors will be at a stage where they’re ready to communicate with you. So, a whitepaper can be a good way to get the visitor interested and familiar with your colocation brand. Further, this will also help you establish a conversion cycle with the initial download.


So, Who Has the Best Lead Generation Offers?

If you do a Google search of colocation facilities right now, you will find multiple static websites that look like they’re from the early days of the internet. But now and then you can find some gems that are up to date while following a responsive design philosophy.

Here are two colocation websites that fit the bill:

  1. Involta

Involta Minnesota Data Centers has a great website that not only offers a tour video of the colocation facility but also offers four case studies. It’s a great lead generation offer to start the customer journey while making a great impression.

  1.  Hivelocity

Hivelocity in Florida has a great website but comes on a bit strong with Chat and Request a Quote buttons right from the start. But there’s a wealth of information for visitors to look at and the interactive tour and live data center cams are a great way to get the visitor interested to spend more time on the site.


The Bottom Line

To stay competitive, your website needs to be updated to engage in lead generation. As competition between your colocation facility and others increase, your virtual presence can be the difference.



What do you look for in a colocation center website? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.

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