There are a few approaches working well for data centers on their marketing and sales front.Which Marketing and Sales Strategies Work Best for Data Centers These approaches are described below.  

Evergreen Content

First, make sure you are publishing reasonably evergreen content. It does no good to create an abundance of content if:

  • It is timely
  • It expires
  • No one will care about it in a couple of days or weeks.

By the time you build the content and get your promotion kicking, the shelf life is already largely gone. Counter this by publishing evergreen content that answers questions and solves problems rather than simply focusing on telling the world how wonderful your data center is.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Be sure to dig to see what clients really need and care about. Do not just guess.

Ensure there is a strong relationship between marketing and sales in your company. For sales and marketing alignment to go over smoother, have a VP of Revenue oversee both teams and bring everything together, so they work towards similar goals and quotas.

Content Creation

Get your company’s subject matter experts involved in content.

Do not just leave content creation all to marketing—who may not be as close to clients; chances are, your sales and services teams may be much closer to client-related issues. Marketing can surface some great things on their own, but it is so much better when they are receiving input company-wide.

Create a blog post based on questions the teams keep hearing over and over again, such as:

  • Questions
  • Concepts
  • Topics
  • Ideas

This content is going to generate multiple sales worth millions of dollars in revenue over the next few years, and you really do not know who in your company is sitting on great ideas.

Of course, you may need to train them to become a ridiculously good scout of what an idea looks like and how to get their ideas in the right hands, to run with it, and take it all the way through production.       

Which marketing and sales strategies have worked best for your data center? Let us know in the Comments below.

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