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Why IT Companies Use Inbound Marketing to Generate Revenue

Inbound marketing is widely recognized as a powerful and effective tool for promoting brands and Why IT Companies Use Inbound Marketing to Generate Revenueincreasing a brand’s visibility to consumers. However, too many companies (mid-market and enterprise IT businesses included) regard inbound tactics as an optional marketing strategy—great to have if the company resources can support it, but not essential.

The truth is, in 2017, IT companies must adopt the inbound method if they want to stay relevant and competitive. Consumers today are more informed and prepared to do research before they buy—a model inbound marketing is structured to appease.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is the process of creating and distributing useful, engaging, and valuable content for both potential and existing clients. While traditional marketing is a one-way conversation with businesses talking at people, inbound marketing encourages a dialogue that can serve as the foundation of a long-term business relationship. It is fast becoming the most effective online marketing strategy for the reasons outlined below:

Increase Site Visitor Count

Inbound marketing can help IT businesses increase their revenue by drawing more traffic to the vendor’s website. By creating content its potential clients want, the company sparks the interest and curiosity of these buyers, compelling them to visit the website.

Once there, they find answers to their questions and start to trust the business, which increases its chances of converting these visitors to leads.

Convert Leads

Every buyer who visits an IT vendor’s website has the potential to become a qualified lead. To accomplish this,  vendors should include clear calls to actions (CTAs) on their homepage and specific landing pages to encourage visitors to learn more about the company’s products or services in exchange for providing their contact information. CTAs can be as simple as downloading a free eBook or as complex as receiving a gated invitation to an exclusive webinar.

CTAs assist in converting qualified visitors into leads that sincerely have an interest the company’s products and services. They also increase the likelihood of leads becoming customers.

Close More Sales

Once a website begins generating quality leads, a company must take further steps to nurture these leads into customers. Social media, email marketing, and regular blogging are all useful tools to use to help guide potential clients further into their buyer’s journey and validate that this particular business can meet their needs more successfully than other competition.  This targeted approach sells the company as well as its offerings during the closing stage.

Bottom Line

When used with skill and creativity, inbound marketing can help mid-market and enterprise IT vendors generate more leads and close more sales while at the same time maximizing return on investment.



Does your IT company use inbound marketing techniques? If so, have you found them to be particularly effective? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.



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