Conferences are popular because they are places where the latest trends are unveiled and showcased.

It’s where networking with peers and discussing problems and issues with vendors is highlighted. Not all conferences are created equal, however. Some are circled on calendars yearly as the “don’t miss” conference to attend.

Data Center World is one of “those” conferences. What makes it so special?

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Unlike Many Conferences (Not One Big Sales Pitch)

AFCOM (Association for Computer Operations Management) is the leading professional organization for those interested in data centers, serving the world of data center and facilities management for over 35 years. AFCOM manages Data Center World, the largest trade show of its kind, with the industry’s most comprehensive content. Four things in particular set this conference apart from others:

  1. Vendor Neutrality – Every vendor must certify that his or her presentation will be vendor-neutral. If an attendee feels a vendor has not complied, they can alert the staff, and that vendor will not be allowed to be a speaker at next year’s conference.
  2. User-Driven Content – Feedback from AFCOM’s more than 3,500 members helps determine key topics the conference will highlight to provide real-world solutions for data center managers. That leads to number 3.
  3. Practical Solutions – Every session at Data Center World must provide a minimum of three key takeaways that each attendee can implement, if they choose, in his or her data center. Education is a key element of this conference.
  4. Networking and Connectivity – This is the premier international gathering for meeting fellow data center and facilities managers. To facilitate that networking, the conference has its own online networking app - CONNECT™, that helps you expand your contact list, make plans to meet with peers, and set up appointments.

Data Center World Attendees Make It Special

The 2015 conference had more than 30 countries represented in the over 1,000 attendees and included more than 50 of Fortune 500 companies. Over 200 vendors and 65 education sessions showcased the latest industry hardware, software, and services trends. This conference is where you find efficient and effective real-world solutions through education and networking - not sales pitch after sales pitch from companies that have paid to present. 

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Have you attended Data Center World? How do you think it compares to other conferences? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.

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