A landing page is a specialized website page whose entire purpose is to convert a visitor into a lead. When you set up landing pages with the right strategy in mind, each landing page is specific to a buyer persona and specific to a stage of the buyer's journey.

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All too often, people that are new to digital marketing, inbound marketing, and content marketing don't have enough places on their website where someone that's a hot prospect can raise their hand and say, yes, I'm interested. Maybe they'll have a small subscribe box for an email newsletter or a contact us page. And maybe they'll have some kind of ebook or white paper available for download.

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Competing for Attention

The problem is there is a tremendous amount of competition going on in their lives. People are multitasking like crazy, and they're comparing your website to your direct and indirect competitors and other companies they're used to dealing with. They're not expecting you to be quite as sharp as their digital experience with the likes of Uber, Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. But understand that most of your prospects, most of your clients, use these other tools, technologies, and platforms. They expect you to step it up.

Recognize also that if you expect someone to fill out a contact us page on your website, almost everyone who fills that out knows that your sales team immediately hounds them. So they're only going to fill that out if they're sales-ready.

In the modern buyer's journey, where people are doing tons of research on search engines and social media before they ever get to you, typically, at least 70 percent of the buyer's journey is over before they're ready to talk to sales. So, if the only landing page on your website is a contact us page, you're completely turning off people in that first 70 percent of the buyer's journey.

You might as well shut your door and say come back to me when you're serious. I have no interest in building a relationship with you now. That's the absolute wrong way to approach this.

The Bottom Line on Landing Pages

The whole purpose of a landing page is to convert a visitor to a lead. When it's done right, it's for a specific buyer persona. It's for a specific buyer’s journey stage. And you need to promise some good stuff on that landing page to motivate someone to give you their business card information for what's on the other side of that landing page. 

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