Product/market fit is often abbreviated as PMF. Product/market fit is the degree to which you’ve filled in the blanks on what your company is all about that allows your company to scale strong demand.

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In order to be able to scale strong demand, there are some basic questions that your company needs to be able to answer.

  1. Who are your ideal clients?
  2. Which products and services do those ideal clients purchase from your company?
  3. At what price point are those clients purchasing those products and services?
  4. How often or how frequently do they purchase those products and services, or if you sell something that’s based on recurring revenue, either on an annual or multi-year basis, what’s the duration of a typical agreement?

Once you know your clients, the products and services they purchase, the price points they purchase at, and how often they purchase, your company should be well on its way to achieving product/market fit.

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Who Typically Works on Product/Market Fit at a Startup or Scaleup?

When it comes to achieving product/market fit at a startup or scaleup, the responsibility falls on various individuals within the organization. Most often:

  • The CEO (chief executive officer)/founder
  • The CTO (chief technology officer)/founder 
  • The CPO (chief product officer)/founder -- or simply a product manager if no C-level executive or founder oversees product management

While the exact roles and titles may vary, some key players typically work towards this goal. 

The product team, led by the product manager, plays a crucial role in understanding the market and identifying the needs and preferences of potential customers. 

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They conduct market research, analyze customer feedback, and work closely with the development team to ensure that the product meets the market demands. 

Additionally, the sales and marketing teams are instrumental in identifying the target audience, promoting the product or service, and gathering valuable customer insights. 

The leadership team, including the CEO and other executives, also plays a vital role in shaping the company's strategy and ensuring the organization is aligned toward achieving product/market fit. 

Ultimately, achieving product/market fit requires a collaborative effort from various stakeholders dedicated to understanding the market, refining the product, and meeting customers' needs.

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