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Indirect Competitor (Glossary Definition)

An indirect competitor is a company that has products and services that are deemed to be a legitimate alternative to your company's products and services. Yet there's something just a little different about that company compared to a direct competitor.

Direct Competitor (Glossary Definition)

A direct competitor is an alternative to your company's products or services. It’s a company that your prospects or clients considered at the time they decided to do business with you.

Landing Page (Glossary Definition)

A landing page is a specialized website page whose entire purpose is to convert a visitor into a lead. When you set up landing pages with the right strategy in mind, each landing page is specific to a buyer persona and specific to a stage of the buyer's journey.

Call to Action (CTA) (Glossary Definition)

What is a call to action or CTA as it's usually abbreviated? A call to action is some kind of graphical elements, sometimes it's even a text-based element, whose purpose is to take you from one type of digital asset to a conversion path or a landing page. It's inspiring you to do some kind of action.

Conversion Path (Glossary Definition)

A conversion path is a collection of digital assets on your website, whose entire goal is to turn a website visitor into a lead. But not just any lead -- the right kind of lead, the right kind of person, at the right time, and in the right context.

Cost of Client Acquisition (COCA) (Glossary Definition)

Cost of client acquisition (COCA) is also sometimes called CAC or client acquisition cost. Some companies substitute the word customer for the client. Your average cost of client acquisition is the fully loaded cost of marketing and sales that your company is investing to acquire a single client.

Client Lifetime Value (LTV) (Glossary Definition)

Client lifetime value, often abbreviated as LTV, is the total economic value that one of your ideal clients represents to your company based on the products and services that they purchased from your company, not just initially but over the lifetime of their relationship with you.

Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) (Glossary Definition)

The Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) is an idea that was first popularized by Google a couple of years back. Now that we live in a digital-first world, what people find when they look up your company on search engines and social media is what essentially defines your company.

Sales Funnel Goals (Glossary Definition)

Sales funnel goals are goals that your leadership team, your management team, and your board will set to help make sure that everything that marketing, business development, sales, and perhaps even your channel program supports the company's bottom-line sales goals.

Lead Nurturing (Glossary Definition)

Lead nurturing is the process, the system, the technology, and the strategy for taking raw leads and warming them up to be ready for a more productive sales conversation.

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