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Adapt to and thrive among rapidly changing buyer preferences (Day 1)

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  • Build your playbook with go-to-market strategy as a team sport (Day 2)
  • Plan your organizational chart to optimize for today's market realities (Day 3)
  • Get in front of the right strangers (Day 4)
  • Use video content to differentiate and create a competitive advantage (Day 5)
  • Update your sales strategy to match the way your ideal customers buy (Day 6)
  • Rethink your marketing to sales handoff to focus on customer success and growth (Day 7)

And if you're looking for an even more comprehensive way to level up on your go-to-market strategy, beyond the free 7-day eCourse, check out Go-to-Market Strategy Reboot Camp(Includes 11+ hours of on-demand video training, 49 lessons across eight units, and 118 downloadable worksheets and checklists)

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