Private Workshops for Your Team at Your Location

SP Home Run’s Chief Thought Leader Joshua Feinberg can lead a Private Workshop for your team, on site at your location, to help your company compete more aggressively in a digital-first world. 

Private Workshops are primarily for:

  • CEOs, presidents, founders, and owners
  • Sales directors
  • Channel directors
  • Business development directors
  • Marketing directors
  • Product directors

In addition to hosting Workshops for small- and medium-sized businesses in South Florida, SP Home Run hosts Workshops customized for companies in these industries:

  • Accounting
  • Biotech
  • Construction
  • Data Center
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Marine
  • Software

Beginning with the release of the original iPhone, there’s been a dramatic shift in power from sellers to buyers. In most cases, today’s modern buyer has vastly different preferences compared to as recently as five years ago -- and now finds immediate answers to their questions using tools like Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana.

Mainstream adoption of search engines, social media, and mobile computing has severely disrupted traditional go-to-market playbooks. In the past, prospects would speak with your sales team when they were 10% to 20% of the way through their buyer’s journey. Today, as much as 70% or more of decision-making is already complete before your company is even aware of a potential opportunity. This is a huge problem for old-school small businesses. But it’s also a great opportunity for those that are able to get found early by the right people, in the right places, at the right time, and in the right context.

Is your company prepared? Or is it living in the past?


Workshop Agenda

9:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Roles and Expectations

9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

  • Differentiation in the Modern Buyer’s Journey
  • Thought Leadership Strategy
  • Morning Coffee Break
  • Website Strategy
  • Competitive Positioning

12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Catered Lunch and Individual Q&A

1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

  • Company Social Media Presence
  • Lead Generation
  • Paid Search Acceleration
  • Afternoon Coffee Break
  • Full-Funnel Revenue Growth
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Recap and Next Steps

Workshop Includes for Each Participant

  • Workbook with over 200 pages of full-color learning aids and planning tools
  • Catered Lunch (typically pizza or sandwiches)

Workshop Leader

Joshua Feinberg helps CEOs of small- and medium-sized businesses find revenue growth opportunities that their companies are currently missing. In addition to this role as Chief Thought Leader of SP Home Run, Joshua presents educational sessions at regional, national, and global conferences for audiences of small business-, sales-, marketing-, and IT-professionals -- and leads Workshops for in-house teams. Since 2002, Joshua has been building full-funnel inbound sales and marketing programs. He is a former Microsoft Corp. content provider for its Small Business Server and channel partner teams, former HubSpot User Group Leader, and former IBM HigherEd sales and marketing team leader. 



In order for your company to compete more effectively in a digital-first world, recognize that this is very much a team sport. To be successful, all key stakeholders need to be on the same page and driving in the same direction.

As a result, we strongly recommend that your CEO require attendance and participation from employees in sales, channel, business development, marketing, product, service, and support.


Tuition for Up to 15 Participants

Location: Outside of the Continental U.S.

  • $22,500 One Day Private Workshop + Day Two Implementation Jumpstart
  • $15,000 One Day Private Workshop

Location: Most of the Continental U.S. (Excluding South Florida/Central Florida)

  • $11,250 One Day Private Workshop + Day Two Implementation Jumpstart
  • $ 7,500 One Day Private Workshop

Location: South Florida/Central Florida

  • $5,250 One Day Private Workshop + Day Two Implementation Jumpstart
  • $3,500 One Day Private Workshop

Planning Your Private Workshop

  • Required Lead Time -- All Private Workshops require a minimum of 60 days advance lead time. Private Workshops booked with less than 60 days advance notice are subject to a 50% premium.
  • Client Responsibilities -- For Private Workshops, client is responsible for providing the meeting room, HDMI projector or TV, WiFi, and beverages.
  • Additional Participants -- Private Workshop Tuition includes up to 15 participants from the same company. When client provides the participant registration list to SP Home Run, due 30 days in advance of the Private Workshop date, client will have to option to add additional participants to the registration list at a cost of $250 per participant.
  • Videography -- Since there may be a key staff member unable to attend at the last minute, or a key staff member hired after the Private Workshop date, SP Home Run recommends that most clients -- at their expense -- arrange for a videographer to record the Private Workshop. SP Home Run grants client permission to use this recording for internal use only. If professional videography is not possible, SP Home Run can at client’s request provide a complimentary audio-only recording of most of the Private Workshop
  • Travel Costs -- SP Home Run is usually able to absorb the cost of travel within the Tuition for Private Workshops. When SP Home Run confirms a Private Workshop registration, generally within two business days, it will also confirms whether there will be any additional cost for travel. If a planned Private Workshop location is an area where there could be unusually high travel costs on the planned date, clients can reach out to SP Home Run in advance of their Private Workshop registration to get an estimate of travel costs for a particular location and date.
  • Date Changes -- In the event that client needs to reschedule the confirmed registration date more than 60 days in advance of Private Workshop date, client will be subject to a $750 rescheduling fee. In the event that client needs to reschedule the confirmed registration date less than 60 days in advance of Private Workshop date, client will be subject to a $1,500 rescheduling fee, plus if Private Workshop location is outside of South Florida or Central Florida: the actual cost of the airline change fee, as well as any increase in the cost of the flight or lodging. No refunds.
  • Confidentiality -- Clients that sign up for Private Workshops are protected by SP Home Run’s mutual non-disclosure agreement.

Other Workshops for Smaller Teams

If your company only has one to three team members that will participate, and is comfortable attending a workshop with participants from other companies, you may want to consider instead registering for a Public Workshop at a pre-scheduled location and date that makes sense for your needs.