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Thank you for signing up for the 1-hour Diagnostic Consultation!
To get the most out of your consultation, please follow the three steps below.

Step 1

Please select a date and time on our calendar that works best for you.


Step 2

Here’s what you can expect for our upcoming Diagnostic Consultation:

  • Our meeting will last for one hour, and we will meet via Zoom.
  • The Zoom meeting link will be provided in your calendar invitation.
  • One participant from your company may attend.
  • Please turn on your webcam.

While it’s a lot to cover in an hour, we will focus on the following areas:

Differentiation | Thought Leadership | Competitive Positioning | Sales Cycle Acceleration | Scalable, Predictable Revenue Growth

In addition, we’ll also talk briefly about your ideal clients, your goals, your unit economics, your biggest roadblocks, and your existing internal and external resources.

To provide us with background information on your company that will help guide the consultation, please complete the required pre-work, the Diagnostic Consultation Assessment, at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. 

Required Pre-Work: B2B Go-to-Market Consultation Assessment


Step 3

If you have a HubSpot account, add us to your HubSpot portal so that we may review your instance prior to our consultation.

Add SP Home Run to Your HubSpot Portal

You are welcome to take notes, however, the Diagnostic Consultation will not be recorded.

We look forward to getting started!