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We help our clients take the lead in hyper-competitive marketplaces.

According to the latest research, at least 57% of the typical B2B buyer’s journey is over before prospects are willing to talk with anyone from your sales team. 

This massive change in buyer preferences presents enormous, highly-disruptive challenges to traditional marketing and sales teams.

And 74% of prospects choose the company that’s first to help them along in their buyer's journey.

However this dramatic shift in behavior, with empowered, research-hungry prospects, also offers a huge upside to companies that get found early enough to be seen as the definitive go-to experts.

How can you position your company to get found early enough to matter? And consistently earn a seat at the table as a trusted advisor?

By building, implementing, and optimizing a highly-personalized digital transformation strategy, companies benefit from much greater, scalable, predictable success with their inbound and account-based traffic generation, lead generation, and sales cycle acceleration.

  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Scalable, Predictable Success
  • Attract Ideal Clients

Because most clients that SP Home Run works with are relatively new to this kind of initiative, and these can often be big changes in a company’s culture, SP Home Run believes in a phased approach that begins with a Diagnostic Consultation.

SP Home Run's Core Professional Services

Step 1: Diagnostic Consultation

A preliminary analysis of your existing strengths and weaknesses around differentiation, thought leadership, competitive positioning, sales cycle acceleration, and scalable, predictable revenue growth.

Step 2: Digital Transformation Go-To-Market Strategy

A detailed inbound marketing strategy blueprint including well-researched buyer personas, an ideal client profile, a content audit, competitor analysis, keyword research, working titles for blog posts, and a buyer’s journey map with premium content working titles for each stage of the buyer’s journey.

HubSpot Portal Audit

A HubSpot portal audit of Professional or Enterprise level HubSpot Marketing Hub, HubSpot Sales Hub, or HubSpot Service Hub by 25x HubSpot Certified professionals.
Optional Add-On Programs

  • Sales Productivity as a Service (SPaaS)
  • Research Reports as a Service (RaaS)
  • Webinars as a Service (WaaS)
  • Webinar Repurposing as a Service (WRaaS)
  • Video Podcasting as a Service (VPaaS)
  • Public Relations as a Service (PRaaS)
  • Growth Driven Website Design and Development with Content Management System as a Service (CMSaaS)
Scale Your Business

It’s never been easier to start a business. And it’s never been harder to scale a business.

A big part of this: Ten years ago, your company likely had a handful of direct competitors. Today, you may have to contend with dozens of competitive alternatives. 

And the average B2B buying committee now has 6.8 stakeholders involved. (Which is likely 5.8 more people than you were likely counting on having to win-over.)

Differentiate Your Business

It’s more important than ever to carve out your space, build your brand, and differentiate.

Most CEOs believe their companies are differentiated.

Yet the marketplace, namely their prospects and other related stakeholders, are the judge and jury when it comes to differentiation.

And they may not necessarily agree with your self-assessment.

Want to learn how to attract more mid-market and enterprise clients? Schedule your Diagnostic Consultation to get started.