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50% of leads are in fact qualified, but not yet ready to buy. 
(Source: Gleanster Research)

Close Sales with New Clients

So far we’ve looked at how Inbound Marketing Services from SP Home Run can help 

And while having an adequate supply of qualified leads in your sales funnel is very important to future revenue projections, leads only become revenue when leads results in closed sales with new clients.

Segmentation and Personalization

One of the biggest reasons to develop buyer personas is because all leads are not created equal. Often different groups of leads have very different goals, values, pain points, and sales objections.

Even more relevant, leads that fall within different buyer personas have a very different “buyer’s journey.” And it’s extremelyimportant to make sure that your inbound marketing campaigns take these differences and unique traits into account.

Segmentation and Personalization makes this all possible.

By tapping into data that leads provide on landing pages, as well as behavioral signals generated by website visits, the HubSpot marketing automation software, when properly configured, can automatically add certain leads to one or more Smart Lists.

These Smart Lists form the basis of segmentation and allow you to do amazing levels of personalization, either by configuring Workflow Automation or by sending ad-hoc campaigns.

With Segmentation and Personalization, you can easily identify all leads with a certain job title, that are from a company of a certain size, and that have visited a certain page.

So let’s say for example, we have a well-developed buyer persona for an archetype called Charley Controller.

Because we know all about this buyer persona’s goals, values, pain points, and sales objections, this incredible insight into the buyer’s journey can be tapped for an incredibly relevant e-mail series.

To do this, we configure a Smart List made up of leads with a job title value of “controller”, company size “10-100 employees”, lead score of 25 or higher, and a recorded page view of the “Pricing” page.

With a thorough understanding of your target market demographics and buyer personas, SP Home Run, as part of its Inbound Marketing Services, can configure your Smart Lists to fully support all desired Segmentation and Personalization.

In addition to Smart Lists, the HubSpot Smart Forms and Smart CTAs features can also drive very powerful personalization. With Smart Forms, your inbound marketing can do incredibly detailed and powerful progressive profiling. With Smart CTAs, leads can be presented with incredibly relevant middle of funnel and bottom of funnel offers that accelerate the sales cycle.

Lead Nurturing Workflow Automation

Just a few years ago, the process of converting leads to clients through automated e-mail messages was relatively linear and could often be accomplished through simple lead nurturing sequences.

Lead Nurturing Workflow Automation raises the bar up several notches from simple lead nurturing. With workflows, besides being able to trigger emails, workflows can also update lead properties, change which Smart Lists a lead belongs to, and send e-mail notifications to various responsible parties, both within and outside of your company.

Traditional lead nurturing gets configured to send out certain messages to certain leads after a certain number of days have past. The trouble with that approach however is that even within the same buyer persona, different leads progress through different stages of the sales cycle at different rates of speed.

With the kind of Lead Nurturing Workflow Automation that SP Home Run configures as part of its Inbound Marketing Services, we’re able to make sure that the right leads get the right message at the right time!

Because we’re no longer constrained by an estimated number of days between messages, when a lead demonstrates “(near) ready to buy” behaviors, such as visiting the “Pricing” page, we can immediately change which Smart Lists that lead belongs to, send a message to that lead’s salesperson, and send a contextually-relevant message to the lead -- all within just moments, rather than waiting a certain number of days for an archaic, “old school” lead nurturing message to go out.

And you wouldn’t believe the impact this kind of strategy can have on speeding up your sales cycle... so that “ready to buy” leads become closed sales much faster!

E-mail Marketing Campaigns

Often Lead Nurturing Workflow Automation is the best way to get the right message to the right leads at the exact right moment. But other times, you don’t want to, or simply can’t afford to, wait for chronological triggers or behavioral triggers to kick in.

Let’s say for example that you’re announcing a new upcoming webinar.

As part of Inbound Marketing Services that Convert Visitors to Qualified Leads, SP Home Run can design an E-mail Marketing Campaign that sends highly-relevant messages to the right leads at the right times to maximize registrations, attendance, and post-event recording consumption.

E-mail Newsletters

E-mail Newsletters are one of the best general-purpose ways to stay in touch with highly-interested leads and influencers on an ongoing basis.

In addition to offering a standalone E-mail Newsletter signup page, every landing page that promotes a premium content offer also gets a super convenient one-click checkbox for subscribing.

Clients are often amazed at the number of website leads that want to also receive some kind of recurring monthly or weekly newsletter in their e-mail inbox.

So in addition to actively promoting the E-mail Newsletter signup page across all social media profiles, SP Home Run can add a high-converting 100% permission-based checkbox to all existing landing pages and new landing pages going forward

“Subscribe to the Free Company Name Weekly/Monthly e-mail newsletter (optional, but highly recommended).” With a simple checkbox labeled “Yes” that is not checked by default. You get more mileage out of every landing page on your website and ensure that only those want the newsletter subscribe.

Now what about content for your newsletter?

With SP Home Run fully managing your Blog Writing and Landing Page Development and Optimization, you already have most of the content that’s needed for a great monthly or weekly E-mail Newsletter.

The goal of the E-mail Newsletter is to simply get subscribers to re-engage with your company by consuming its newly announced content. As long as your content provides value, many subscribers will help your company by sharing the blog articles and landing pages on their social media accounts, as well as simply forwarding the entire issue to friends via e-mail.

Each time an E-mail Newsletter is sent out, you’ll also gain very valuable insight into how each article in a particular issue performed relative to each other, as well as how each issue performed relative to previous new issues.

Oh and one more great benefit:

Because your E-mail Newsletter utilizes the same central marketing database and Analytics, each time a subscriber clicks through to your website to read a particular article, that lead's profile is updated with the date and time of the click, as well the Title and URL of the blog article or landing page.

So this new behavioral activity can not only trigger Lead Nurturing Workflow Automation and updates to Custom Lead Scoring Rules, it also tells your sales team exactly what to focus on during conversations later on in the sales cycle.

For example, if a particular lead that's also a newsletter subscriber has read seven different blog post articles on malware protection, you can bet that this lead will be much easier to close if you’re able to readily and proactively address this issue in your conversation.

In other words, to Close Sales with New Clients, you have a much more complete picture of leads’ needs because you don’t have to just rely on what you’re being told. But rather, you can actually see the interactions that leads are having on your website with different pieces of content.

This progressive profiling is a very powerful tool for closing sales with new clients much faster!

Webinar Production

So we’ve been looking at how to Close Sales with New Clients.  So far, you’ve been introduced to Inbound Marketing Services from SP Home Run that help with Segmentation and Personalization, Lead Nurturing Workflow Automation, E-mail Marketing Campaigns, and E-mail Newsletters.

What else can help you Close Sales with New Clients? Webinars.

So at this point, Inbound Marketing Services have helped to attract the right visitors to your website from blog posts, presentations, screencasts, news releases, and podcast episodes. Through highly-effective CTAs and landing pages, a large percentage of these visitors have converted to qualified leads.

With Segmentation and Personalization, Lead Nurturing Workflow Automation, E-mail Marketing Campaigns, and E-mail Newsletters, many of these leads have in a completely automated fashion built up extensive profiles, custom lead scoring points, and a general level of sales-readiness that’s certain to bring a big smile to face of your sales reps.

But there’s one more very popular inbound marketing tool that you can use to accelerate the sales cycle with your leads: Webinars.

SP Home Run can provide fully managed Webinar Production -- including topic planning, speaker recruitment, date and time selection, Presentation Development, infrastructure setup, multi-channel event marketing, surveying, rehearsal testing, event management, moderation via question pane and Twitter, polling, recording, editing, and post-event follow-up marketing.

Now Webinars can be used throughout the sales cycle for many different purposes. For the sake of how this listing of Inbound Marketing Services is organized, Webinars appear within this particular section. However SP Home Run also provides fully managed Webinar Production that can Attract the Right Visitors, Convert Visitors to Qualified Leads, and Retain Clients for Life.

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