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Game Plan

Powered by SP Home Run 

SP Home Run Game PlanThe Game Plan is for the CEO and Sales Director of a B2B technology company that needs to generate more highly-qualified leads from its website, use content and context to accelerate the sales cycle, and drive more revenue growth.

With 60% to 90% of the typical B2B sales cycle now over before decision makers talk to any technology company, without Inbound traffic generation and lead generation, most of these great prospects will end up on competitors’ websites and in competitors’ sales funnels.

The Game Plan is the ideal proving ground project and an excellent place to start if your company is new to Inbound marketing, Inbound sales acceleration, and working with SP Home Run.

What’s Included

By investing in the Game Plan, SP Home Run will provide you with a customized, detailed report on:

Overall Revenue Strategy

  • Website Benchmarking of page performance and traffic sources 
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Identification of Buyer Personas to target
  • Ideal Prospect Criteria for each Buyer Persona
  • Lead Qualification Criteria to focus your efforts
  • Target Account List for each Buyer Persona 
  • Existing Content Audit
  • Summary of Gaps that must be addressed
  • Recommended Activity Levels

Attracting Visitors to Your Website

  • Quarterly Editorial Calendar with preliminary working titles
  • Analysis of Existing Social Media Reach
  • On-Page SEO Management Strategy 
  • Off-Page SEO Management Strategy
  • Link Building Strategy

Converting Visitors into Leads

  • Paid Search and Paid Social Strategy
  • Multimedia Social Strategy
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Premium Content Strategy

Closing Leads into Clients

  • Sales Cycle Acceleration Strategy including Segmentation, Email Marketing, Lead Nurturing, and Social Nurturing
  • Smarketing (Sales and Marketing Alignment) Strategy including Lead Scoring, Sales handoff, CRM implementation, and Closed Loop reporting


The Game Plan is a 4 week project that includes three meetings:

  • Kick-Off planning session
  • Half-Time huddle
  • Project Review wrap up and next steps 

Does Your Company Need a Game Plan?

Game Plan Powered by SP Home Run: Sales FunnelWith the typical B2B decision maker now more empowered than ever before, and doing a ton of upfront research online before engaging with any company, it’s critical for your company to get found in those early sales cycle searches.

Done right, your content and Inbound marketing assets intercept prospects at the exact moment when they’re looking for solutions to their problems.

By attracting those prospects to your website, you gain the opportunity to impress with your expert advice and thought leadership -- and gain trusted advisor status.

This way, your company achieves trusted advisor status before even the first conversation takes place -- which proactively saves your company from the dehumanizing and profit-destroying price competition and RFP games.

But today’s decision makers behave very differently than those from even as recently as five years ago. Most of your ideal prospects walk around with smartphones in their pockets or purses every waking hour, which they use toconstantly ask Google or Siri questions.

And these same buyers are used to getting pretty much everything online on their own terms -- in other words cherry picking, or what’s known as selective consumption -- thanks to addictions to disruptive technologies like Amazon.com, Apple iTunes, Netflix, SiriusXM Radio, and Tivo.

So when these prospects land on a website populated with what’s in their mind irrelevant crap, how many seconds do you really think they’ll stick around for, before hitting the back button? Not many, if you fail to deliver what they want and need!

And here’s the worst part if your content sucks: With 900 million Gmail users -- plus Google Apps users and Google+ users -- that spend all day long logged onto Google-owned servers, Google knows if your website is repulsing visitors and penalizes your search rankings.

Planned and executed correctly, Inbound marketing evokes two extremely critical reactions from your website visitors - what we fondly call our “Holy Shit” moment:

  1. Wow, I finally found what I’ve been searching for!
  2. What else do they have to say?

And those two reactions are the difference between someone bouncing off of your website within a few seconds, versus a hot prospect sticking around for 30 to 60 minutes during their first visit, converting into a highly-qualified lead, and essentially falling in love with your brand, company, website, and thought leadership.

Client ResponsibilitiesClient Responsibilities

Just as most B2B technology companies spend time managing their own clients' expectations, SP Home Run needs to cover the same ground with those that need our help, want our help, and that we can help.

To make sure the project goes well, it's critical for the client to be actively involved and not a just a passive spectator.

During the Game Plan, the client is responsible for

  • Installing website tracking code
  • Defining two to four attributes of what makes a lead qualified
  • Identifying five or six ideal clients
  • Attending the Kick-Off planning session, Half-Time huddle, and Project Review wrap up and next steps
  • Returning phone calls and emails within one business day
  • Notifying account manager two business days in advance if a meeting needs to be rescheduled

Total Investment for Two Participants (CEO and Sales Director):


Additional Internal Participant (Channel Director, Product Manager, or CMO)         +       $750
Additional External Participant (Consultant or Agency) +   $1,500

Get Started Now with Your Company's Game Plan

The Game Plan program supports up to four total participants. For rolling out this initiative more broadly, your team will need an onsite company-wide workshop to get everyone on the same page.