As a B2B content marketing strategist and revenue growth consultant for small business CEOs, with 20+ years of experience in content, my clients are always on the lookout for new ways to generate more highly qualified leads and sales opportunities.

Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Identify your most important buyer personas so you can prioritize your content marketing investments (A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of an ideal client based on actual research and some select, educated speculation.)
  2. Create buyer persona documents on the consensus and pattern matching around demographics and psychographics, including goals, challenges, and the job to be done that your product or service solves.
  3. Identify core topics that your company wants to be known for at the intersection of buyer persona findings and keyword research.
  4. Create a content calendar for traffic generation content, including awareness stage videos, podcast episodes, and blog posts
  5. Map the buyer's journey -- awareness, consideration, and decision stages -- and create content offers for each buyer persona and buyer's journey stage combination
  6. Drive targeted search, social, and email traffic to landing pages for content offers to generate leads at various buyers' journey stages.
  7. Segment leads by buyer persona and buyer's journey or lifecycle stage,
  8. Nurture leads to sales opportunities by using additional content and context, especially email marketing, case studies, and webinars
  9. Train your sales team to interact as trusted advisors and subject matter experts with content-driven leads and sales opportunities

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