Are you in marketing, sales, channel, revenue, or go-to-market leadership for a B2B SaaS company?

A little while back, a reporter asked me to share my insight on the best and the worst best practices commonly used by B2B SaaS and software companies in their marketing.

The Best B2B SaaS (and Software) Marketing Strategies

Word of mouth is more important than ever for B2B SaaS, but it's very much digital word of mouth. 

Do great work for your customers and invite them to spread the word. 

(A certain kind of buyer persona loves to write reviews. Most SaaS and software buyers love to consume other peoples' reviews as part of their research/purchasing process.)


Co-marketing is also another creative low-/no-budget way to spread the word.


Start a podcast where you interview your customers and other similar kinds of business owners. Many will be so flattered that they'll be happy to share the podcast episode you recorded with them on social media. Some will even blog about it and include the content in their own email marketing.

The Worst B2B SaaS (and Software) Marketing Strategies

Cold email is frequently done (very) badly and causes more brand harm than good for many SaaS and software companies.

Many B2B SaaS and software companies also do an atrocious job with organic LinkedIn (both content publishing and messaging).

I'm not a big fan of spray-and-pray interruption marketing. Especially in times like now, it can come across as tone-deaf.


I also don't believe that SaaS and software companies should be paying gatekeepers to rent their eyeballs until they've taken time to build out their own digital marketing footprint. 

Now more than ever, SaaS and software companies need to have more control over their company's destiny by owning their own messaging and reach, rather than being at the mercy of intermediaries.

(Paid social and paid search can be incredibly valuable IF you take the time to build the right foundation first.)


Many in sales roles at SaaS and software companies love to talk about themselves and how wonderful they are. 

The problem? No one besides mom cares. 

If you sell to CFOs of enterprise insurance companies, create content that answers their questions. 

If you sell to owners of small manufacturing companies, create content that will be interesting to them. 


The key point: People care about their problems and goals, not yours. The faster your marketing strategy adopts this, the more successful you'll be.

What’s the best (and worst) B2B SaaS marketing you’ve come across? Let me know in the comments.

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