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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - November 23, 2011

November 23, 2011

6 IT Marketing Strategies that Make Your Business More Widely Known (Video)

Imagine walking into a typical business after-hours event hosted by your local chamber of 6 IT Marketing Strategies that Make Your Business More Widely Knowncommerce. You make eye contact and extend your hand. You introduce yourself, tell which company you're from and get two words into your 30-second elevator pitch when you're enthusiastically interrupted.
"Oh, I know exactly who you guys are, and boy, could we use your help!"
Wow! Do you know how many steps you just removed from your sales process?
In this video tutorial, you'll learn about six IT marketing strategies that can catapult your business into local celebrity-dom.
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How Technology Sales Reps Sell Without Saying a Word

Hollywood has created the image of the loud, back-slapping sales rep that most people equate with the profession. No doubt there are salespeople of that type earning a good living -- in some markets -- but not in technology sales.
Want to close more IT sales, for higher amounts, with less effort?
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Top 9 Tips for Selling IT Consulting Services and Gaining New Clients (Slides)

A special Thank You goes out to the folks at SlideShare for featuring one of our slide decks in their weekly newsletter. A very nice, pleasant surprise. "SP Home Run Inc. gives some great tips for IT consultants, including reminders to keep the scope of work at a manageable size."
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3 Ways IT Trade Associations Help You Build Your Professional Network

Using trade associations to network with others in the industry can be a great way for technology providers to make new connections. Maybe you've thought about networking but haven't been sure where to start.
Learn three easy ways to get started.
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13 IT Channel Partner Programs (White Paper)

Being part of the right channel programs can significantly grow your bottom line. But deciding who to partner with is not a decision that should be taken lightly. In this 28-page quick reference guide, you'll learn about three basic criteria for evaluating channel programs and get introduced to 13 very popular channel partner programs for small business technology providers.
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Live or Die by IT Service Level Agreements

IT service firms live or die by their IT service level agreements (SLAs). The big firms can afford to get it wrong once in a while; the small ones cannot.
Do you know the four essential components? Do you know which services to include?
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4 IT Certification Next Steps that Advance Your Career

So you have been working in IT for a year or two and are now looking to gain professional recognition. An IT certification can help you achieve that, increase your salary, and open up your network to potentially new clients.
But where to start?
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Starting a Computer Repair Business from Your Own Home

When operating from your own home, it is essential to dedicate space, for both working on repairing computers and handling management aspects of the business. What's most important?
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