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Computer Service Contracts: Key to Client Retention

Is your IT consulting or computer repair business struggling to stay afloat?

The root of the problem may trace back to income inconsistency from your current computer service contracts, if you even have any small business clients on service contracts in the first place.

As anyone in the computer services industry can tell you, the only way to survive in this line of work is to have recurring service revenue, by retaining existing clients through some kind of arrangement like computer service contracts.

These offerings are usually annual agreements and must contain details on the types of services that you will perform, such as:

  • Checking the operating system to ensure it’s up-to-date

  • Running a professional virus scan to get rid of malware

  • Clearing the cache, cookies, and recycle bin

  • Cleaning the fans, air vents, and heat sinks on the devices

Remember it’s important to clearly state the tasks beyond the descriptions outlined above (or whatever applies to your business) may entail additional charges.

Be sure to offer discounted rates to existing clients because this will encourage them to take advantage of other services.

The key to a good working relationship between your firm and your clients is to manage expectations between the two parties. Your computer service contracts should clearly define these arrangements. It’s also important to pitch your services professionally and deliver the results the client expects.

Computer service contracts are very important to your company’s stability and client retention efforts. What’s been your company’s experience with computer service contracts? Please share your thoughts in the Comments area below.

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