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Marketing Your Computer Support Franchise Against Your Competition

As the owner of a computer support franchise, you occupy a unique position in the marketplace.

Small business owners in your area might have preconceived notions of other businesses they want to work with. Fortunately, you can accommodate just about all of them. Be sure to mention the following advantages when courting potential clients.


Local Ownership

Just like you, independent small business owners are entrepreneurs. They're also part of a community, and a growing movement (egged on by American Express's Small Business Saturday) encourages patronizing local businesses.

To be sure, some of your revenue goes to the company behind your computer support franchise, but even the Franchise King Joel Libava notes that the more money anyone spends locally, the better.

Extended Network of Resources

At the same time, you have the advantage of a larger entity standing behind you.

You can connect customers to fellow franchisees in different territories or to a central help desk.

Unlike completely independent small computer service providers, you have a vast pool of resources beyond your own walls that you can use.

Consistent Service for Travel

Just because a business owner is local doesn't mean he or she never leaves the ZIP or postal code.

You can assure your customers that their laptops, personal hot spots, and other technology will be covered by other franchisees when they're out of town.

Trusted Brand Name

The name of your computer support franchise brings with it a reputation, a history, and a character.

You chose it at least partially because it aligned with your strengths and principles. When your customer can research not just your business but the franchise itself, half your job of selling is done already.

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