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4 Steps to Give Your Computer Consulting Marketing a New SPIN

4 Steps to Give Your Computer Consulting Marketing a New SPINPart of good computer consulting marketing is to know how to attract the interest of prospective clients, without giving away all of your secrets. 

A helpful approach is the SPIN technique from the consulting company, Huthwaite, Inc.

SPIN stands for “Situation-Problem-Implication-Need/Payoff. Originally designed to increase sales performance, the aim is to get agreement that a solution is desirable, before going into detail about what the solution is.

It’s a simple four-step process that can be easily adapted for marketing messages and case studies:

  1. Situation. Sketch out the business context with brief information on the client and the client’s goals (for example, a group of restaurants seeking operational efficiency).

  2. Problem.  Describe the difficulty experienced or opportunity out of reach for the client (for example, inconsistency between specials on the menu and availability.)

  3. Implication. State the negative impact of the situation on the client’s business (restaurant customers will leave, loss of revenue, organizational stress, and inefficiency).

  4. Need/Payoff. Give a short description of the need, and the clear and precise benefits experienced by the client, thanks to the availability of a solution (customers’ expectations are met and revenue goes up, while kitchen and wait staff work more efficiently, thus increasing profits).

You could then complete this piece of computer consulting marketing with just a few words on the solution that turned the “Need/Payoff” benefits into reality.

In this example, a real-time computerized order and food management system, with handheld pads for the servers, could work. In a sales situation, you would simply make each step a question to your client before making a consulting services proposal.

If you use any other acronyms like SPIN in computer consulting marketing, which are they? Have you modified or expanded on any for your own purposes? Tell us about them in the COMMENTS section below.

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