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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - April 4, 2012

IT Marketing Ideas that Draw in Higher Paying Clients

IT Marketing Ideas that Draw in Higher Paying ClientsIf you started your company taking on literally any new customer you could get, you're probably in need of some marketing ideas. You may have been happy that you were finally getting by, paying the bills, and staying afloat. But to get that cushion of revenue and a little bit of breathing room, you need to start looking for higher paying clients. Here's how.
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When Selling IT Services, Make Sure Your Prospects Are the Right Fit

Identifying the right clients to partner with is vitally important when you are selling IT services. Why is it so important? Well, because every business relationship that you form has the potential to either positively or negatively affect your reputation in the marketplace. Learn how to filter your leads, ensure contracts are win-win, and say "no" diplomatically.
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Take the IT Service Contracts Recurring Revenue Quiz

Starting from scratch each month is a tough way to grow a business. If your firm markets to local small businesses and needs to generate predictable, recurring service revenue, IT service contracts may be just the ticket. However it's important that you get your program right from the get-go.
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Starting a Computer Business? Understand Your Small Business Clientele

Often, starting a computer business means working for smaller companies. It's critical to understand how a small company's approach to IT services differs from larger companies.
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3 Computer Business Perks for Potential Microsoft Partners

If you work with Microsoft products within your IT business, signing up for the Microsoft Partner Network can provide you with some compelling benefits. Find out about three of the most valuable perks for potential Microsoft partners.
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Starting Your Own IT Consulting Business? Get the Right Tools

When starting your own consulting business, determining the best tools to have is going to vary for a lot of people. But there are some common professional and people tools that you are going to need.
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IT Certification Courses: Classroom or Self Study?

Completion of IT certification courses can lead to more lucrative clients. But is it best to self-study or undertake classroom-based training? Uncover the advantages and disadvantages of each method.
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Business Technology Association (BTA) Boosts Managed Services Savvy

The Business Technology Association organizes a number of workshops for IT dealers and professionals. Its Managed Services Workshop takes attendees through understanding the opportunity, designing services, and selling them to customers.
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